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ankle pain


I am on day 3 week 5 after taking a break from running because of ankle pain. During day 2, I noticed a recurrance of the burning pain which runs from the inside knuckle of my ankle down the side of my foot to the front area of my heel. I have taken 2 days rest but am worried that, if I continue, I will get the pain back again. Last time it was so sever that it woke me up at night. Each time I moved my foot, it felt like an electric shock. I suspect it is a tendon problem although the walk-in clinic would not confirm this and just told me to stop running. I am 69 and they said (and I quote) "at your age you are more likely to get injured if you push yourself". I don't want to give up but don't want to injur myself again either. Does anyone have any advice?

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It's no surprise that you will be feeling the effects of new exercise. Your body is understandably feeling it. I had ankle troubles too when I started, but after rest, and more running they fell away as I got stronger.

You are only on your feet for a short time during the early sessions so as long as you go nice and slow you should be ok. Have a few days off from running if needs be but try and get back to it once you no longer feel the searing pain. Ice is a great inflammation reducer!

Good luck ☺

lynnepaulGraduate in reply to misswobble

I intend to take three days rest between each run now. Ran this morning without any further problems but I think maybe I need longer for recovery. I hope this is going to help so wish me luck. Thanks for the advice.


Hi Lynne, my first thought is that maybe you need shoes with a little more cushioning. If the trainers you're using have detachable insoles, then you could replace them with gel insoles, which act as shock absorbers. You can get them from sports direct or Boots. Please consult your GP or practice nurse to see if there's anything they can suggest or, if you have them finances available, then you could consult a physio who will be able to give you a definitive answer. Best of luck with discovering the root of the problem :)

lynnepaulGraduate in reply to AncientMum

I have good quality running shoes and gel insoles already. I will take your advice about consulting a physio if the problem gets any worse. Thanks.

Once the pain has gone, would the support from a tubigrip or some other support bandage help prevent new injury? Hope it clears up soon. I would look online for exercises to strengthen ankles and try to do them daily or perhaps on the rest days. When you get back into running, perhaps try putting ice on your ankles after your shower and elevating them while you watch a tv show or read a couple of chapters of a book. For now I think ice, elevation and rest

lynnepaulGraduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49

Thanks for the advice. Feet up it is!

Before you carry on with this course I suggest that you forget the run for a couple of weeks

Practice more on strengthening and stretching the muscles in your lower legs look up online exercise for lower legs . Also get some support for your feet/shoes like insoles. As we age we are prone to some difficulties when it come to our lifestyle especially like taking up a form of exercise. Talk to your GP about your concerns , look up information on achilles tendonitis and plantar fascilitis as these painful conditions tend to occur with brisk walking, jogging and running although not limited to these form of exercises. Prevention better than cure. Hope this advice is helpful and good luck with your future in healthy lifestyle.


I decided to continue with day1 w6 but to take it a little slower so, at a slow 7.7kph I completed this without any problems. I think that maybe 8.4kph was pushing myself a little too much. I know it's slow: I was overtaken by a tortoise, but to finish without any aches and pains was lovely. Bring on day 2 week 6 on Monday.

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