broken ankle update 1

I have learned so much about wheelchairs and life in plaster since Saturday. Also the shear hard work it takes to get up a flight of stairs my upper body and right leg are getting stronger.

First appointment at fracture clinic today good news it does not need pinning bad 6 weeks starts today. My plaster is purple to go with the theme when I am old I will wear purple. (60 in 2 weeks) I have also been given a shoe to slowly learn to mobilise on which is very scarey and I havent tried yet.

Good luck to everyone wherever you are on the programme and take care.

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  • Hope you heal quickly & well glendam52, hopefully the fitness you've gained from this programme will help your recovery - that's an excellent attitude, looking for the positive i.e the strength you'll gain in your upper body/good leg. :-)

  • Good to hear it's going as well as could be hoped. Loving the purple theme but think you need to decorate it with the C25K logo ;)

  • Really glad you don't need to go bionic. It's going to be a memorable birthday!

  • When I was in plaster, I tackled stairs by going up on my butt- certainly developed my arms! Love the purple plaster idea but it will be a long time before you have to buy a red hat if you are only just coming up to your 60th birthday! I haven't bought mine yet :) Let me know when you are fit enough to run your stick along the railings and I'll come and join you! Get well soon :)

  • Iam so sorry to hear of your broken ankle. I must have missed your blog at the time but I have just read it now. Poor you. Keep on reading and posting on here. We all want to know how you are getting on! :)

  • O my gosh, glendam, I missed your blog about breaking your ankle (just read it)! I am soooo sorry to hear that!

    My very sincerest wishes for your complete healing!

    Hope everything goes well and you are soon back runnin' the streets (lol)!

  • Thanks everyone for your messages and good wishes. I am feeling better about now I know it doesn't need pinning. I know realistically I am loping at walking properly in October and then hopefully complete the programme again befor Christmas, I think that is realistic but we will see.

  • Glad to hear you have not had to have it pinned. Don't over do it, watching the Olympics will keep you fired up. :)

  • Ps happier swimming I am ready for those railings any time in the chair with go faster stripes

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