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broken ankle progress

Have now been out of plaster over 2 weeks last Thursday I saw the physio and the excercises I had been doing to that point were so tame. She really put me through the ringer but I can see an improvment in my walking.

I tend not to use crutches in the house now but do walk quite slow. If I am walking outside I use one as the pavements are uneven and it gives me some confidence which seems to be in my boots.

The foot still swells over the day but can get a normal shoe on in the morning.

Yesterday I went on the treadmill and managed .82 of a mile in 30 minutes, my OH was saying how great it was and I promptly started to cry. I was looking at what I had lost not how far I had come in the 2 weeks. I know I must look forward that was my longest and fastest walk for over 9 weeks. I know it is getting stronger and hurting less and that is all good.

You lot are doing so well but I will get back to it one day.

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Of course you will get back to how you were glendam, you've done very well to date too. Listen to your hubby, he's right, you have come a long way in two weeks, getting on a treadmill must have taken loads of courage, so no more tears, be proud of your achievements. Take care and take things at a steady pace. :)


What oldgirl said!

One step at a time and you will get there again! Just be kind to yourself and remember each day you are getting a little stronger


As Joe Dolce said "Shaddupa ya face" you are amazing, I hope I have half the gumption if I am ever in the same situation.

Its just one foot at a time!


I empathise with you Glenda. It must be awful to be sidelined like that and the achievement may seem small compared to how far you had come. But you did get there before and you will do it again. You know you can do it, which is more than you knew first time around! Look at the improvement you are making now and remember how every step is a step in the right direction. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Rain had eased up a bit here so went around the block its about 3/4 mile did it in just under 20 which is an improvement from the weekend.

Thanks so much everyone I will stop looking back so just put best foot forward and get on with it.


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