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Didnt think i'd stick it out BUT Week1 Run2 COMPLETE

Didnt feel too good yesterday was gonna bottle it so thought ah take the dog out as at least if i didnt run id still need to go for a decent walk

Well i went out slightly earlier that i have been so was still light, took a slightly different route (to avoid the dog walking villagers)

the 1st 2 runs were slightly uphill - was hard going but made the 3rd and 4th run that much more enjoyable as were down hill therefore a tad easier, gravity was on my side.

Then woop woop half way point, wasnted to stop, heart beating fast felt a bit sick but stuck with it, come on i said to myself you can do this then i remembered a line from the boxing on wii fit plus "this is your fight against your fat"

with that i was off again and can honestly say although my mood was soo low during the day yesterday I was full of beans when I got home.

Even hubby commented "bet you are glad you went now!

Well tonight is just meant to be dog walking night and im our being pampered tomorro, ive scheduled run3 in for sunday after grandparents Ruby Wedding Anniversary Do but im not sure if i should attempt run 3 tonight ?

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I'm so glad you made it in the end ... what a sense of achievement, isn't it! Well done, you! :)

I'm no expert, but I would suggest tomorrow would be your best day for Run3 - that would give you a day's rest after yesterday's run (which we're supposed to do) and it would also mean you wouldn't have to run after (possibly!!) excess food and drink at the family "do"! Anything stopping you from finding a slot tomorrow?


im having a new hair do tomorrow morning so not wanting to get al hot and sweating tomorro evening thats all lol


Well done you!

It feels great to overcome yourself and get to the end of a run doesn't it - I am going to use your quote when I get to a tough point (almost every run!).

How about an early morning run before you get a fab new hairdo?


im sort of hoping the thought of a run on sunday evening will deter me from eating too much x


leaving home at 9 for an hour journey me and 2 children to get ready beforehand, if kayleigh wakes for a feed befor 7 ill go out after she has had her bottle


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