Laughed for a whole 'run' (long post warning)

Let me give you a quick bit of background.

Had a really fantastic run yesterday and then went and weighed myself for the first time in ages - 9lb down! So was already on a high. I tend to run every other day and strength train twice a week, whilst taking the dog for a walk between 30 minutes to an hour every day. wasn't a running day. However - mum and dad are coming over for a takeaway tonight so I know it's probably going to be a bit heavy on the calorie side. I also had to shop today so have been short on time. Trying to work out how I could bank some calories in advance for tonight I wondered whether or not the dog would object to us 'walking' at a somewhat quicker pace than she's used to. I figured it would kill two birds with one stone right?

So off we went across the very windy Lincolnshire fens, a brisk 5 minutes walking then I broke into a kind of speedy trot. Well the dog took off like a rocket all wide eyed and excited, tail sticking straight up in the air. I found myself laughing out loud as we ran at the sheer windy joy of it all. We stopped every now and again for a sniff and a wee (her not me, I promise) then we took off at speed again.

It's very strange for me to run in anything other than very light minimal clothes and with nothing in my ears but here we were, a slightly ungainly sight me in my joggers and sweater,phone clutched in hand,her with her tongue lolling and ears flapping.

The best bit is when we got back we'd done almost 5k in really fast time! (For me) so there you go. Running for the hell of it can sometimes mean you run better. And my face hurts from laughing. Let's hope the dog is up for this again soon - when she peels herself off the floor she's currently flat out on that is....


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  • Very funny post. It all sounds joyful and you can enjoy your takeaway now guilt free.

  • Oh - I did! 😊

  • Ha ha ! Brilliant post !

    A tired dog is a good dog , they just sleep :-) xxx

  • She slept for HOURS ha ha. I think I've discovered the secret to complete peace 😊

  • I love those unexpected runs! :-D and sounds like your wee dog loved it too! Mine is always sleepy and really rather grumpy after a run- I suppose she is a westie after all :-P she's not shy in letting me know what she thinks! After an unexpected run the other day, we were doing a warm down walk and she just stopped walking. For ages. Eventually she came walking over to me but I rather think I was pulling her home and up the three flights of spiral stairs!

    Hopefully this is the start of a lovely running companion for you :-)

  • This really made me laugh. Mine is just the same - she's a border terrier so also quite little and she has no problem communicating her emotions! I think I'll probably get away with this once a week with her but any more than that and she's going to have attitude πŸ˜‰ we wouldn't have them any other way!

  • Nope we wouldn't! Though if I don't take her on all the runs then she terrorises the cat but the cat also taunts her when she's grumpy, so it feels like having constantly bickering children sometimes :-P

  • That sounds like sooooooo much fun. I wish I could do that with our catsπŸ˜€. Enjoy your treat tonight.

  • Where I used to live one of my cats used to come and greet me on walks around the village. We've just moved so they're not allowed out yet but when they are who knows - he may decide to come with ha ha

  • When my mum takes her dog for a walk, the cat goes too following closely behind! She's tried putting a collar on her but she's having none of it. Mum sometimes has to sneak out before the cat sees them. It's hilarious!

  • Ha ha ha that's brilliant! It's wonderful how much fun they all are to have around isn't it πŸ˜ƒ

  • I love running with my dog we run round the streets and I have to hold his lead. He's a fast dog and he always walks faster than me so my slow running is his walking speed. He looks like he's enjoying it so much it always raises a few smiles from passer's by - and it's nice to have a running companion. Only problem is when he suddenly stops to wee!

  • You can get waist belts with bungee leads which make running with a dog on the lead much more enjoyable. I've mislaid mine in a change of car and I am really missing it!

  • Mines quite a small dog but she kept a good pace yesterday - little legs going like crazy bless her. Yes - the weeing and sniffing was making me slam the breaks on yesterday - I think this is going to be an occasional exercise rather than too regular as I found myself being far too happy when she did need to stop so I could have a few seconds rest!

  • oh this sounds great fun and how wonderful to have a dog,the most loyal of friends beside you. Well done to both of you.

  • Thanks! She is my little buddy in almost everything so it was great to have her accompany me for this part of my day 😊

  • This post made me grin so much - running is really good at reminding us how to play 😊. Lovely running with a dog as well - I did a 10k fell race a while ago and one chap ran it with his border terrier, so they are up to longer runs if you train together. And well done on the 9lbs - over half a stone! Yay!

  • Thank you! It was a welcome surprise - I was anticipating about 5lbs so felt great. Borders are fab - apparently they used to run alongside carriages so they're quite tough little dogs. She seemed pretty happy about it all - though truth be told I think she prefers our walks around the woods where she can sniff at her leisure. Having said that her face when we were running yesterday still makes me laugh - she looked like a ridiculous puppy again πŸ˜ƒ

  • Haha, she sounds fab! I run with my parents' dog when I'm home and now he's grown up and obedient, we run without the lead. He's a streak-of-lightening whippetty thing, so we have a mutually-beneficial arrangement where he sprints a bit then stops for a sniff, and I keep going at a steady jog. He never goes out of sight/calling distance, and we both have a lovely time. It does depend on having somewhere away from roads though, and a really good level of obedience - would have never worked when he was little as he'd have been after every real or imagined rabbit in a 3 mile radius!!!

  • Ahhh yes - we're definitely on lead due to pheasants, rabbits and other dogs which seem to result in bouts of incurable deafness where my dog just cannot hear me frantically calling her back πŸ˜‰

  • It's a terrier thing! Maybe one of those bungee lead things GoogleMe mentioned above then.

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