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Graduated doing the 10km Manchester Run!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

First off, even though Ive been quiet on the community (for which I apologise) I have still been thinking of you and keeping tabs on you all (in a non stalker type way of course!)

However, it doesnt mean that I havent beavering away myself getting through this running malarky best I could, with the wise words of you all behind me.

So - it's with a big WHOOP WHOOP that I tell you all that on 26th May 2013 I graduated whilst doing the 10k Manchester run!!

Admittedly, the second 5k was more a start - stop affair, but I did it!! :-)

I did it with all your words of support behind me, and I cannot thank you enough.

The "warm up" exercises nearly finished me off, but when my green wave came to start, I did it slowly and kept plodding........ The people supporting us round the course were fantastic and having some special family members there at the start and finish, made it even more emotional.

It was a really really hot day and that made it really hard in itself. Memo for next time (get me) - bring a little water bottle of my own, dont rely completely on the water stations.

I didnt need to grab a handful of jelly babies from the nice people on the sidelines, as I had my own stash of jelly beans :-) however, they did end up melting in to a huge blob so It was sight for sore eyes me running with a gob full of sweets whilst trying to breathe!!

And i was slightly perturbed by the people with blue gloves on who had a smear of vaseline for you to "high five" off them.... was it to aid chaffing?

I cant tell you how hard the last 800 metres were either! they were the longest 800 m known to man. I will admit to walking 200m or so but for the final bit, I slogged it across.

and then broke down in tears! It was due to physical and emotional exhaustion, and I didnt care.

but I got my finisher t-shirt and medal and then after a large slug of water, went and got myself a large glass of cool white wine!!! boy was it good.

After effects of the run? well, i found it extremely hard to get up once I sat down, but other than that, nothing. But I have extremely bad sunburn which I feel so stupid about getting as i should know better. I just didnt expect it to be that warm and sunny. Hey ho, lesson learnt.

Im due to go back out running tonight after a few days off to recouperate the muscles (muscles which didnt know what hit them on Sunday) and so I will let you know how I get on.

BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL. You are all very special people who have listened, advised and encouraged.

keeeeeeep running!

ali xx

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That is a-maz-ing Ali!!! :) What a way to graduate! Yes it was a hot day and I did feel for all those running races that day but a great day nonetheless!

You so deserve your medal and that wine must have gone down a treat! ;)

Welcome to the Grad Club (I have soooo been waiting to say that to you!!) and enjoy your run tonight - no pressure, no times, just for fun!! Woo hoo!

Sue x


Cheers Sue!! I still cant quite believe it ;-)

I only had one glass of wine but by eck was it grand!!

me!! a runner!!

thanks for all your support Sue.



Brilliant! Congratulations!

So good to hear from you again - I was wondering where you'd got, to a couple of days ago, when another name reminded me of you. Really glad you were still out there - and doing a 10k to graduate! :O

Loved the bits about the jelly babies and the vaseline...

Hope you manage to figure out how to get your graduate badge very soon, because you certainly deserve it. :) :) :) :)


thanks very much m'dear!! appreciate all the encouragement you've given me.

going to be ordering me C25K t-shirt when I get paid and wear it with pride!!



Congratulaions, on completing C25K, Ali. Brilliant that your did the 10K run and ran most of it! Especially well done that yor did this on a hot day.

I've not heard of high-fiving spectators wearing gloves or vaseline.


thanks luv, you've been there supporting me and others, and it means a lot.

in relation to the vaseline - some bloke was on a microphone shouting that there were jelly babies and vaseline coming up. Now, my ears pricked up at that because i could do with a new little pocket tup of vaseline, so I made a bee line as best I could for the area where they were giving it all out. Well, that's when I noticed the vaseline were people wearing blue hygiene gloves smeared with a bit of vaseline which you could smear off them as you ran past. I saw them. Have you never seen this before?



The mind boggles on three things with your blog Ali. But first many congratulations on graduating, you did it in style. Now you really have to find out what the devil was going on with the blue gloves, high fives and VASELINE!!;) Excellent blog, loved reading about your very successful run, well done and don't stay away in future. :)


thanks luv - I wont be a stranger.

see response to swanscot above - there were official people with gloves on with a smear of vaseline which you could smear off them as you went past.

or was I just dehydrated and this never happened!!!! getting worried now .....



Oh, that is so funny! :D


Well Done Ali. I too was wondering what had happened to you.



Thank you so much, means a lot.

I wont be a stranger.



That brought a tear to my eyes, graduation in style, keep it up AuntieAli :D

I also feel ashamed because I have not run for few days, so depressed after failing my driving test for a second time, but having read this tomorrow with the lark I will be running. Thank you :)


Well Done You! and on such a blistering day too. I was hoping to complete w 8r1 in the same race but flagged just before the 4k marker.

I agree about the need for water before the water stations, but have to admit, didn't notice any blue gloved folk! Mind you didn't really look, too busy trying to keep moving!


Well Done Ali. What a way to graduate - Brilliant!!! :-) The hot weather - makes it twice as hard.

Have missed your blogs but obviously your alternative training worked. Look forward to more of your posts.

Guess the 'secret sweetie' either melted or got eaten and you certainly deserved your glass of wine.


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