Officially a runner!! woo hoo!

Laura said those magic words to me this morning! She said I'm officially a runner :) After the hard slog of W6 R1&2 I was so pleased that W6 R3 was better. My breathing was really wheezy at the end (I had used my inhaler before I went out as usual) but it was better again within about a minute. No idea about distance and stuff - I worry about that later will just worry about keeping going for now.

Thanks Laura :)

Love the sound of the new podcasts - only 3 weeks left before I can try them out :) This is flying by. I could barely run for a minute when I started.

Happy Happy Happy :) :) :) :D :D


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11 Replies

  • That is SO encouraging to those of us just starting out (who can still barely "run" - more like fast shuffle - for a minute!) so thank you! And congratulations on officially becoming a runner - YAY! :D

  • Thank you, This program really works, at each stage I've thought I'll not manage the next but I have.

    I was the kid that was chosen last for team sports at school and hated when they tried to make us run cross country. Not sporty at all but I'm loving running now aged 36 :)

  • Oh, me too! Only ever enjoyed swimming and the odd game of tennis! (Cross country??? ... eek, a horror story!)

    I'm now 56, very obese and recovering from clinical depression ... this programme just might "save my life"! :)

  • It's great that you are getting out there and running. I've been ill with CFS/ME for over 10 years but currently I'm well, so started this running lark. I'm hopeful that getting fit will keep it away this time.

    Trust in Laura's podcasts, she will get you through this, you will probably surprise yourself, I have! It's not easy but the sense of achivement is increadable. I've been trying to eat better since around March and have lost 10lbs, not much by most peoples standards but it's slowly going, still a lot to go but I'm hopeful that getting onto the longer runs I'll be burning off loads more fat - but saying that I have noticed that my body shape is changing for the better :)

  • Yes, I've noticed a few people saying that - that their body shape is changing, if not their weight. I'm pretty sure my weight will start to shift fairly quickly, as I'm eating less (already ate fairly healthily, just too much!!) and didn't do ANY activity before this. Also, I need to lose around half my body weight, so it will start to come off a lot quicker than those who only have a stone or two to lose.

    Hope you continue to feel better, Ellerunner, and don't get ill again. Good luck! :)

    Val x

  • Same here, run 3 was far better the 1&2. Just think we have three more of them to look forward to next week ;-)

  • wonder if it will get easier?!

  • Well done ellerunner. :) I'm about to embark on week 6, with the usual 'new week trepidation'. It's good to know that both you and Phil72 found run 3 easier after a hard slog on R1&2, so if I'm struggling through W6,R1 tonight, I will think of that.

  • You will be fine, as you say - struggle on, it will all be worth it on Run 3 - Laura will tell you that you are a runner too :)

  • Congratulations ellerunner I love your multitude of smilies, it says it all. :-)

    I'm officially a runner today too!

  • Brilliant notbad! it's a great feeling isn't it? - only 3 weeks to go :)

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