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Officially a runner :D

This morning I completed week 6 run 3 and was super happy to have Laura tell me I am now a runner :D

I've really struggled with week 6. I think after week 5 run 3 I was a little over confident, and then couldn't get my pacing right on my first attempts of w6r1 and r2. Had to do both of them twice, and was beginning to feel de-motivated by what felt like a lack of progress. And then today I went out there and completed r3 on my first attempt!

I can't say it was easy, because there were times I wanted to give up. But I pushed myself through and I did it :D

I only managed 3k which I'm a little disappointed with as w5r3 I managed 3.7k in 5mins less - though today was a more difficult route with a number of inclines unlike w5r3 which was all flat.

Ok I'm rambling on now, but I'm so happy to have done it I just want to talk about it!

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Well done Jenny! It's great to hear those words int it. You must be well chuffed. I believe in this "pushing through" business as I've done it myself - as have others on here and it does work doesn't it. If you keep going you seem to find your running legs.

So, to Week 7, Run 1. Good luck with it and remember to enjoy it. Happy running


Wow! You have come so far now haven't you? Well done. It is great motivation for me (weel 4 run 2 next). I also had a good run today amd am boring hubby with my babble :D


Thanks :) I honestly do feel like I've come so far. It took me a couple of goes to even do the first run of week 1 when I first started, and now I can do a full 25minutes - it seems crazy! I think week 4 was my favourite week, it was when I was starting to feel more confident and could see improvements between each run, so I hope you enjoy it! And just think, you're nearly half way through the programme now, you've come pretty far too :D


Well done that's great!. and those hills will help with your stamina x


Well done, glad to hear it's achievable. I did W6R1 yesterday and the stopping and re-starting was hard! Also a buzzard kept swooping down at me which was strange. Running past the baby lambs was lovely though.


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