Week6 Run3 Woo Hoo! I'm a Runner!!!

Just have to tell everyone out there how delighted I am to have stuck with this programme (Even although certain people doubted me!) and I'm ecstatic to have run continuously for 25mins today!! I set myself the goal of running for 30mins by the beginning of September and it looks like I'm on my way to achieving this. I am asthmatic and have always used this as an excuse for not running because I have a bad chest, What a load of rubbish!! Anyone can do this programme and I love the motivation and encouragement Laura offers you. In week 1 I was struggling to run for 60 seconds but have built but slowly and steadily.

I currently run on a treadmill and don't go very fast about 6.6km an hr and up to 7.2. Is this cheating? Im on a flat run too? I kind of figured I could tackle my speed/incline after I sussed the distance issue and built up my stamina.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated :D


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  • Well done for getting this far!! Only 9 runs to go :-) ive just finished w6r3 tonight too so i know the sense of pride your feeling. Dont worry about how fast you are going or what your incline is, just enjoy what you are doing at the moment. Im also running on tredmill and running 7kh on the flat...your not alone!! Well done and keep going...you a runner now ;-)

  • No it is not cheating, if you are moving in a running motion and you are getting your heart rate up above resting it is doing you good. The speed is completely irrelevant at this stage, you have got to get used to running and exercise regime first. You seem to be doing well so far so....carry on....

  • I can't give you any tips because I'm just starting, but I will say a big CONGRATS for having got so far!

  • Well done :)

  • Yaaaay well done! I've just finished that run too! I ran at 7.2 kph and when Laura said go on faster if you can, I went to 7.7 for the last minute. It's not cheating!! Look what we were like in week 1. Look where we are now! It works! Bring on week 7!!

  • Of course it's not cheating! You're running aren't you? Well done you!

  • Congratulations and no it's not cheating, running is running, just done my w6r3 so bring on week 7!! I'm on a treadmill to and put the TV on and watch that, takes my mind of the running. Finish the programme and then think about speed.

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