I am officially a runner :)

Week 6R2 completed on Friday, much better than 6R1. This morning I completed the 6R3, 25mn block running and I was jumping of joy when Laura said I am now a real runner! :)

Add a few tiny problem with my new socks, they slipped down and made my a bit uncomfortable...

Run to the leisure centre and done a 20mn swim too. I also lost 8 ponds in 3 weeks :) Happy days..bring on week 7!

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  • Well done Missfit_59. Shame about the socks, but that little problem obviously didn't hold you back!

  • Nothing is stopping me now Lizziebeth, I feel like a super woman! Lol

  • A huge well done Missfit_59! You are now officially my lampost in the distance, that tree thats 110 metres ahead. I will think to myself, if Missfit_59 can do it then so can I :D

  • All the best Teabreaks, you can do it; you might even catch up with me, i am not the fastest runner, but hey I am moving!

  • Well done. It's all coming together nicely for you. The loss is brilliant. I didn't really start losing until I graduated. I did feel elated when I herd those same words from Laura. You can get socks with a thick tab on the back. Tends to stop them sliding. Mine are Karrimor. Never have any problems with them.

    S X

  • The socks have a big tab at the back, one of the reason I got these Nd the fact they were reduce at M&S. I Karrimor one and loved them but needed new one but could not find the one i like with the lining in. Ah well didn't stop me and still on the high !

  • Sounds like you need to be doing the Discombobulated Tri ! Well done - perhaps you need to ditch the socks...

  • Well do e and yes, you are now a runner ;) Good luck with the rest of the programme :)

  • Well done!! Good luck with week 7 sounds like your doing some amazing things :)

  • Yey!!! Congratulations on becoming a runner. 25 minutes -> 28 minutes -> 30 minutes graduation is tangibly close. And well done on the weight loss, too. Further proof of the effectiveness of C25K.

  • Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement :)

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