Week One done!!!!

Well, I did it! I am estatic! I couldn't move my legs after the first two runs, but on the second rest day all my aches and pains suddenly vanished. I 'm not sure I would say I enjoy running, but I am determined to get fit and get to the 9 week final run. See you Monday after W2R1, and thanks to all of you who encouraged me to get off my backside and run!

Good weekend to you all!

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  • Well done! I have w1R3 tomorrow. Have a good weekend too.

  • best of luck. Just back from shopping (did my run at 7.30 am local time) and am shattered! But nice shattered, if you now what I mean!

  • Well done, DeliaItaly - brilliant achievement!

    I've just completed Wk 1 too, but only doing 4-5 minutes of running, so I shall repeat it until I can do the whole 8 minutes before moving on ... I'll be right on your tail, though! ;) Good luck for Wk 2.

  • Good on you Valkyrie, I can see you from over my shoulder. All the best, as Laura says "You can do it!"

  • Congratulations on completing week 1, not long now until you're hooked. Enjoy :-)

  • Thanks a million Phil72 ! when I graduate I'm considering translating the program into Italian then C25K could go international ;-)

    Anyhow, I'm working in Berlin for Week 4 -- what do you do when life gets in the way like that? Run round the streets of Berlin at dawn? Along the wall? Or just cross that bridge when I get to it?

  • Get on the Internet mapmyrun.com or similar and find somewhere to run. From what I remember from visiting Berlin it is pretty flat, Enjoy running in a foreign city....Exciting!

  • Gosh, great advice! Just think I was working in Belfast last week and didn't start my run as I had no idea where to run, this website is super...Cheers!

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