Week One, Run One ... Done!

Hello C25K Friends!

Having never attempted running before, I attempted my first run today. I downloaded the podcast to my phone and went for it - completing the run/walk exactly as instructed with success. I did get a stitch after the fourth I think but it cleared.

I'm not too out of shape, 31 years old, 5ft10in and 82kg in weight exactly... as I work from home I find it all too easy to grab a share bag of Malteasers and I've started getting a bit of a belly.

Anyways I'm glad the first run is done and I'm feeling good about Wednesday. The front of my shins are feeling tender and with my foot flat on the floor I find it difficult to raise the front of my foot whilst keeping my heel on the floor - I assume this is normal?

My elbow is tender too, strange one.

Fingers crossed I'll stick to it...

The podcast is great and these forums look very active, pleased to see this is a success for many people!


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  • I've got broken skin on my shins from running - it's a total mystery! Well done on your first run :)

  • Well done , dam maltesers !!! I'm trying to lose weight aswell difficult but the running somehow helps me to make healthier choices most of the time , keep going and enjoy it

  • Welcome to the programme and the forum. Take it steady and you will be fine. It's a good idea to get into the habit of stretching after you finish a run as it helps combat stiffness. Make sure you take your rest days and it's important to get good shoes to avoid injury.

    Come here to share your triumphs, get encouragement and tips.

    Good luck!

  • Well done with starting. I found I had all sorts of strange aches and pains but this seems to be just muscles getting used to the unusual work. Good luck for the next run.

  • Tell you what, today was W1R1 for me as well! Yes the podcast is great - is Laura still alive by the way, because someone should have caught her and strangled her by now? - but unless you fell over I can't explain the elbow. I really struggled to make myself do the "run" this morning, tried to find any and every reason not to do it. Being the way that I am, I'll probably try to stay with it so how about staying in touch to encourage each other? I'm a 6ft grey haired oldie of 71. A technology freak, so I'd stand no chance without my phone, FitBit etc.. Lost 35 lbs since February 2016 (no diet but changed my entire eating habits using that technology) still hugely unfit and 185 lbs. Good to have another newbie tot talk to and comisserate with.

  • Well done too David, it's great that you have started the programme today too. Lol re: strangling Laura! It'll be great following your progress.

  • might even learn to spell some time - possibly a spoken dictionary on podcast, ready for a run with a decent beat, stopping and repeating on "commiserate" until I get it right perhaps!

  • Outstanding David! How are you feeling today? I wear a Fitbit also and I don't think it's seen such a high BPM before - makes interesting data to look at. Look forward to tracking your progress along with mines.

  • mine recorded 104 yesterday ...

  • Welcome to the joy / madness of C25K and I hope you will soon be as addicted as we all are! It will be great following your progress.

  • Welcome!πŸ˜ƒ there is no looking back now and with the support of these fine people you will get there!! Well done!

  • Welcome! I found I suffered with aches and pains in my ankles and knees when I first started but it was all due to not having exercised for years and it soon wore off. The c25k plan is fantastic and you'll find loads of support and encouragement from members here too good luck with your next run

  • Thank you all for your words of encouragement, very active community here - I love it! Looking forward to my rest day today and have no doubts that I'll be out tomorrow irregardless of the weather.

  • Hi. Welcome to the best thing! Support, encouragement and a gentle shove in the right direction. It is all here. Lots of great advice and suggestions from like minded folk :)

    Your body, may, even if you are reasonably fit, protest at some of the new muscle exercise.. a sort of.. what the heck is happening! Strength and flex exercises, ( link on this site) on your rest days are useful , your rest days and your warm up and warm down walks are also essential.

    You will know as you progress whether the aches and pains are just you, getting used to the running, or whether there are some issues. Lots of very good advice from the seasoned runners on here if that happens:)

    The mantra, and you will hear this so many times, is slow and steady. The programme is about stamina, and building up to the thirty minute run; speed and distance can follow Graduation. Listen to Laura, :) she will take you through, and you will make it to the Graduation podium, injury free and having had fun .. which is what is it all about!!! :)

    So... well done for starting... keep posting and just go for it....and err... kick the Maltesers into touch :) I am so glad I don't like chocolate :)

  • You don't like chocolate Flossie?!?

    And I thought we were kindred spirits....πŸ˜‰

  • Oh we are... we are :) So, you can eat all the chocolate I would eat, if I liked it...:)

  • What a splendid idea!

  • See, I knew you would like that :)

  • Mmmm chocolate seems like forever since I had any 😞 Will you share with me Ullyrunner πŸ˜‹

  • Only when Floss gives us some!

  • If your shins are painful make sure you are running only very slowly. Slow, slow, slower!

  • Arghhhhhhh shins. Don't talk to me about shin pain. It's been my problem since week 4. Take it slow and steady bry don't try and run thru it. That was my mistake

  • Well done in getting out there! I had loads of aches and pains but eventually learned to slow down and then slow a bit more. A good post run stretching regime really helps too. My hubby has suffered with his shins and found some specific stretches to help but think his big problem is his tendency to run too fast πŸ™„ Slow slow is the key to long term success.

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