week one - day one - done!

so! - its done - I managed it - and I ACTUALLY enjoyed it!

i decided I didn't want to wait for the bra's coming and just gave it a shot!

i found it went quite quickly and the podcast really helped - I'd worked up quite a sweat by the end so i was pleased and felt i'd achieved something (which I had - believe me!).

looking forward to Wednesday now for day 2 !

but - i will just ask - can i really dare to believe that i will eventually end up ACTUALLY RUNNING FOR THIRTY SOLID MINUTES!!! ..... is this really true? if i stick at it will i really be able to be someone who goes 'out for a run' at the drop of a hat??

Its something i would NEVER have thought i could EVER do - and i'm dying to get to the day when I actually CAN!!

thanks to all my new 'running buddies' for the lovely welcome and for all the tips and encouragement - it means a lot.

I'll be in touch after round two! - cheers.

Kaz x


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  • I found the black eyes faded quite quickly πŸ˜‚

    Well done for getting out there. And yes, yes, yes... If you follow the programme and take your rest days, you WILL be able to run for 30 minutes non stop by the end of it. (Don't worry, I didn't believe anyone when they told me that either).

    Looking forward to following your progress. Just keep on keeping on :)

  • thank you x

  • Well done and yes you can be that person. The program is fantastic but it is up to you to show the determination to get through those days that feel harder than it did today.

    You did great today, just take care and take it nice and slowly - niggles and injuries are a newbie runners' biggest enemy.

  • ok thanks - i'll take care - i'll be GUTTED if i hit an injury at this stage! - i'm already looking forward to wednesday! haha.

  • You know I think the best bit is saying 'I go running'!

    I've got a big bust and found that sports bras just didn't keep me under control when I did my first run. To fix that issue, I now wear my T-shirt bra underneath my sports bra. Boom!! Nobody moves...xx

  • big breasts eh!- always been the bain of my life! - hopefully they might get a bit smaller when i become 'a runner'? - haha x

  • Yes, yes and yes,,, you will!!!

    Just follow the programme, and take the rest days and most important.. slow and steady. Listen to your body and do not push yourself too hard.

    The thirty minutes are there and it is, almost unbelievable. I know the first run I did in C25K.. well, I thought I might collapse... but year just over on.. running three times a week and before an incident with broken ribs...( not sustained whilst running...:)) running 10K!

    So... you are on the way! Welcome!

  • awww brilliant - thanks for the support - 10K? - at this stage i'm thinking it might as well be the moon! hahaha - baby steps eh?

    watch this space! x

  • You will be totally amazed... really!

    Suddenly, you are running further, easier, enjoying it more and when you have graduated, you decide where to go next... I just built up; not intentionally, just steady and slow and with occasional small personal challenges.

    I am a lone runner and have no desire, ( at the moment ) to run any events etc.. so it is a personal journey of pleasure. I run, then i write about it.. i am famous/, infamous , :) for my endless rambles!

    But.. the way is as you say..baby steps...I shall be watching your progress x

  • That's brilliant thanks. It seems a great wee group. Everyone keen to cheer people on. I'm buzzing with anticipation at the moment. Imagination running away with me - seeing myself belting about in running vests etc. Hahaha.

    Bring it on!! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ X

  • Well done!! I did my first run today, too, and enjoyed it as well! We both have our second run to look forward to on Wednesday now - good luck!

  • Excellent!! Well done to you too. Let's keep the momentum going!!

    Roll on Wednesday! X

  • Hard to believe, but yes, you'll be doing thirty minutes in no time at all. You've already done the hardest run.

  • Excellent!! .. can't wait.! Thanks. X

  • Yup, 30 minutes, a whole half hour of non-stop running will be yours if you stick to the programme! Crazy isn't it? But it does work. I started about a year ago and haven't looked back. Today's early morning run was an "easy" 31 minutes just to get things churning over before work. It sets you up for the day - and even a year later it's still incredible! So go for it and enjoy!

  • Sounds like a plan. ! Thank you. X

  • Well although I am technically still on week 8 and have not cracked the thirty minutes just yet, even the thought of being able to run for 28 minutes (and 4 seconds :P ) seemed ridiculous just 8 short weeks ago! For me, W5R3 was the real defining moment, the thought of jumping straight from a maximum of 8 minutes to 20 minutes seemed impossible, but I just went out with the mindset of doing the best I could, and lo and behold I managed it without struggling too much! So keep at it and Im sure youll get there!

  • It does seem amazing - but the general consensus seems to be that I'll be able to do it so that's good enough for me !!

    Can't wait for W1R2 at the moment !! Haha. πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • You will! Just do what you're told, stick to the programme which includes the vital rest days & you'll soon hear those magic words....

    One wee teeny weeny caution. It says C25K, it may or may not be that, but it def is C230M. (But that's harder to say!!!)

    So never worry about speed or distance, just go slow, slower & steady. It's all stamina building.

    I can't wait to read here "I've just run for 30 mins...." and the journey along the way!

  • thank you! - you and me both! - i'm soooo looking forward to my posts over the next few months and seeing the gradual improvement - can't wait for you all to say 'we told you so!' - thanks x

  • Well done! As for 30 minutes, if I can do it, you can! Trust the programme. I can now run 5k in around 37 minutes so am trying to increase my speed/distance gradually. Not sure I'll ever hit 5k in 30 minutes but as I couldn't run for a bus before I started c25k in July, I'm happy with where I am right now

  • sounds like a dream at the moment - i can't wait to be on here in a few months telling you how i'm doing - thanks for your comments. x

  • Yes, you will, you will! I (and many others here) would NEVER have thought they would run 5k, let alone enjoy it! There will be ups and downs but stick with it and you WILL be a fully fledge, addicted, real life runner! Great work on your first run!

  • P.S. Running is SO much more comfortable with a good, industrial strength sports bra! Shock Absorbers are amazing. I forgot mine when I was away at Christmas, thought it would be ok to go for a run with a tight top holding me together with my normal bra and it was a disaster. I ended up running along holding them like some sort of Carry On film... πŸ™ˆ

  • haha - I've brough in three tonight from m&s after googling for some tips but neither of them felt supportive enough - I've been on again tonight and ordered three more - reviews came from marathon runners etc so surely one of them will be ok? - haha - no probs, its my rest night so i'll just run again tomoz night and i'll do my own version of a 'carry on' film too!

    just don't want to wait for the bras coming so i'm not missing my run!

    thanks for your comments, take care. x

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