Week one, done! :)

Hello everyone

I've been skulking around this forum for about a week and decided tonight that I should be bold and introduce myself. I am a very new runner... have just completed week one of C25K. I have never run before and in fact have shunned 'exercise' for most of my life, it just has not ever enthused me, at all. But I am so chuffed that I have managed to do it, pretty much as planned, for the first week. I'm 64, at least two stone overweight; I need to get both my weight and my cholesterol down and I have a few health niggles, which I have been partly using as an excuse not to start.

But a few weeks ago I made my mind up that I would do this. TBH I didnt really think I'd get past the first run..and it was hard, no doubt about that...but I DID it :) Rather stiff and achy in the leg area the following day, so I did two days rest and then went out again. legs were less sore the second time, but then the heatwave hit, so yet again I took a two day rest...and went out this morning for the third time!

The hardest thing I find is that I can feel the load on my knees and ankles, plus my industrial sized boobs, despite being securely 'housed' in a zip up sports bra (don't you love the bra fitting ladies in M&S, never had my boobs 'housed' before!!), do have a life of their own which doesn't make running any easier despite the right gear!

But the main thing is, I did it and I'm so pleased...a couple of friends smiled behind their hands when I announced that I was going for it...however I'm the one who is going to get fitter and healthier so let them snigger!

I am trying not to say much to my children - I told my younger daughter but it will be in one ear and out the other as she has such a busy life with her family...lol. Plus I told my younger son who lives in London and has been begging me to do something... anything to improve my fitness levels, for ages.

I don't plan to tell the other three until I've run my first 5k! I've got eight grandchildren as well and I'd like to show them that you can do anything which you set your mind to, if you just persevere, don't listent to the doubters (especially the sneaky one in your own head!) and don't give up!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts, it's all so encouraging and I find myself nodding and going "oh yes thats me..." quite often!

Lovely to meet you all :)


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  • I'm on W7R1 tomorrow and can honestly say it's a great programme (having avoided exercise for most of my adult life). Good decision on your part to participate!! Just wait until you get a couple of weeks in and tell your children - their eyes will be the size of dinner plates and will be immensely proud of your achievements.

    You will find that Laura is terrifically understanding and enthusiastic!

    Keep us updated!

  • thanks brightspice...the kids are so used to me talking the talk but not walking the walk that they can be forgiven for being a little sceptical! However I'll pick my moment! I'll report back with the comments!

  • Lovely to meet you too! And well done you ! The first week is the hardest I think but just keep going and you will end up being as addicted as many of us are. I have just run for 25 minutes which I would have thought totally impossible a few months ago. The programme is fab, take your rest days and just obey Laura!

    Ps I have two of those zip up sports bras too- they are fab although seem to take ages to dry when washed. It just makes me feel like a runner when I put one on!!!

  • hi Hillary

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about the bra - I feel just the same ...lol! Thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated :)

  • It's mind over matter a lot of the time! You are going to be a confident capable runner so just keep going!!

  • I feel like a Bond girl in those zip up bras! I have developed a bit of a problem with M&S sports bras.... I now have... whispers...nine....

  • Welcome aboard. You sound like a determined woman who is going to do this no matter what. And I am sure you will. Keep postingπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  • Thank you for the vote of confidence, Iben...:) :)

  • Well done to you mamahen. Good luck with week two. Keep us updated. Wait till your kids come and say where's mum, ohh she's out running! Their faces will be a picture. 🌟🌟🌟

  • Well done for getting started. Such a realistic but positive post. You will do this. Just follow the plan but adjust it as you have already done. You are in control.

  • Thanks for those encouraging words NIghtingale1, I know that there will be good runs and maybe mediocre ones, but as long as I'm out there, making with the 'one foot in front of the other' ...I shall be doing myself some good in ways I never dreamed that I could or would. 😊

  • Hello, well done, you are so brave, one week in and on the board. It took me weeks to get here. What a great place it is too, everyone is so supportive and really knows how you feel each step of the way.

    Week 1 run 3βœ”οΈ, what an achievement, hug it close ( do a little dance πŸ‘― ) And put in the bag! Off you go and grab the next one.

    I never thought I would get to week seven, lots of ups and downs and here I am, never thought I'd learn to love it, but I may well be on the way.......

    P.S. Getting a little zip envy, might have to visit M&S.

    Looking forward hearing about your progress

  • Hey Ellymeg... I like the little dance idea...mind you I nearly went AOT today, trying to get my music to where I wanted it and so tripped over one of those little posts that stick up so that gates or bollards can be used as deterrents to cyclists. I did feel a pratt, but lesson learned with no more than slightly ruffled feathers and a stubbed toe,

    As for the zip thing, be very careful when you do it up is all I'm going to say....great bras but they are not for the faint hearted...I'm a 38f and just doing up the zip is military operation...πŸ˜‰ But like GoggleMe said, you feel like a Bond girl once you are all safely gathered in, either that or one of those comic superheroines , just without the impossibly long legs and waist length hair in my case...oh well...! πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘³πŸ»

  • What a fab first post :) I'm with you in having a son who kept whispering c25k in my ear at every opportunity until I finally gave in! I did my first run without a sports bra (never again - the black eyes took weeks to fade) ;) Good on you for getting started and good on you for posting, you now have a massive crowd of people cheering you on. Good luck for week 2 :)

  • Aw thanks McFatty... Couldn't have done it without the bra, not these days... lol! It's great that all you lovely people chip in and say hi...so much appreciated πŸ’•

  • well done and welcome - its an amazing programme and a great forum :-)

  • Thanks Kate...it's great to be in such supportive company 😊

  • Go for it. You will not regret it. There are plenty of us in our sixties whose lives have been changed through C25k. Keep posting your progress.

  • I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone in thinking that it's never too late to make changes πŸ™‚. Thanks Iannoda, I'll keep posting and learning from all you great peeps here. Onwards and upwards!

  • What a wonderful post! You have absolutely the right reasons and brilliant motiovation, so just go for it. Think of the "boulder-holders" as an investment - so you'll have to keep on running to get lots of wear out of them.... Looking forward to reading your next post!

  • Thanks Als_mum πŸ™‚

    You're right, I shall need to "keep on running" (Spencer Davis Group...baby boomers chime in here...lol) as for the bh's...I get a great arm workout trying to wrestle the boobs into the bra so that I can force the zip up...my 'person' is not used to being so constrained, however hopefully it will get easier as I become more used to it!

  • Well done you! Good on you! You've started, thats the hardest bit, just keep running now!

  • Thanks Big_fella...all the encouragement on this forum is proving to be quite inspirational! You are right...it's the getting started that's the hardest bit and I feel really glad that I made myself get out there πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi and welcome.. from your post, you are going to do this. So much support here...and great advice...:)

    The sniggerers, the pesky mind gremlins.. you will leave them reeling as you progress through your journey!

    Keep posting and keep reading.. I am 66... ( shhh, not supposed to give that away..sorry davelinks ).. and if I can.. you can! Graduated before last Christmas and now running nearly 10 K!!! :)

    " if we all did what the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves" ...and we do... every single day.. just read the posts :)

  • Hi Oldfloss, thanks for the warm welcome and the big 'up' for those of us in our sixties! I am really looking forward to tomorrow's run despite the fact that my body is in shock! My mind on the other hand, is loving it! πŸƒ

  • The early days can be unusual.. sort of, your body asking you.." What on earth is going on?"

    I've been out this morning...6 a.m. before it got warm..my legs were a tad stiff to start with, but I just took it slowly.. and that is the trick.. Slow and really steady...

    Look forward to your post tomorrow :)

  • Well done for taking this step! You have a story like so many people who first started the C25k programme and so many has surpassed all expectations they had of themselves!!

    Go slowly, listen to Laura, stretch and slow down some more! You'll be at week 9 and running for 30 minutes before you know it!

    This is such a great forum! Make use of it and the people here will look after you, encouraging you and giving you advice when you need it. Let us know how you're getting on! Welcome to the best club you'll ever join :)

  • Wow melly, thanks for the encouragement and wise words...it's a journey isn't it...and I hope that it's one which I'll be on for life. Loving this forum and all the warmth and support πŸ’•

  • Great post mamahen! You'll get plenty of inspiration here and already have great positive attitude to the programme.

    Your family will be so impressed with you keep at it and keep posting!😊well done on your 1st week ......

  • Thank you aliboo...you know, after reading everyone's post here, since I joined, I am now really impatient for tomorrow's run (rest day today!) I do feel inspired and so glad that I posted. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hope you have a great run tomorrow!

  • Well done. You've definitely done the hardest bit - getting started. It's very addictive - be warned! As for the bra thing at least you had the sense to go for a zip up variety, mine have multiple hooks and I feel like a contortionist just getting into themπŸ˜€

  • Hi OldPossum...I can completely see how it becomes addictive and it's a ton healthier than most of my addictions (chocolate and ice cream to name but two! 😁) I am trying to view the bra wrestling as a pre run warm up...certainly gives me colour in my cheeks ...just glad that I live alone so that no-one can witness my 'ninja bra-dance' ...πŸ˜‰

  • I know. Thank goodness the walls can't talk πŸ˜‡

  • I giggled at this... I caused a stir, a while. back, when I said in a reply, that I did not like Chocolate... or ice cream...or yatesco 's favourite.. peanut butter..yuksters...it makes things a little easier, weight-wise..... my weakness however.. cheese... :)

    The dance sounds fun!!!!

  • Well done you! :) I will follow your progress with interest and best wishes to you. It's not easy starting off, especially in the shape and at the age a lot of us are - but so many have done it before us and proven it is eminently 'doable'. :)

  • Well done Mamahen and Welcome to the board !

    Keep posting, we will all be here supporting you

    Go for it ! :-) xxx

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