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I did it!!!Week 6 r3 done! Whoop whoop!!!!!

I Managed to compete w6 r3 just this morning after much panicking and worrying beforehand!!! I am absolutely elated, elevated and ecstatic!!( which I know doesn't make sense but it does to me!) I'm so happy. It's like so many others have said, we really need to have faith in the program and most importantly ourselves.

Try taking deep Breaths when u can - difficult I know most of the time! And pace urself. I think a passing snail could have outrun me but I don't care as Laura said I can officially call myself a runner, (been looking forward to that for sooo long)!!!!

Good luck all the other w6ers out there, the first two runs are hell after the 20mins but amazingly by r3 u can do it!!!!!

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