W1R2 cereal and milk

Just done my second run ever. Exhilarating but slightly harder than the first.

Had a bowl of cereal and milk before running - not a good idea. Any advice on eating before running? The other thing is that until my car gets back to me I have to walk a mile to and from the park. Walk back is really tiring indeed. But I shall carry on regardless. See you after Run Three!

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  • I personally just have a glass of water before I go out in the morning and have my breakfast when I get back. I find it more difficult if I've eaten in the last couple of hours.

  • Oh and I forgot to say enjoy your next run

  • I have a banana and a glass of water before I go out then breakfast when I return. You could try taking water with you for a drink in the car. You will soon find what works best for you, good luck with the programme!

  • I do the same as Gridlet. Did it once without anything and regretted it! Good on you for getting on with your second run. Well done!

  • I had my second run this morning, too ... had a glass of diluted fruit juice (and my cod liver oil capsule for my old joints, LOL) before I left, and just had a banana and bran flakes now ... feels good! :)

  • Thanks for all this support! Quads are killing me!

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