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Last Week - Redoing week 5

Since I ended up only being able to do one run of week 5 last week due to being in London one day and my phone ringing off the hook all morning on another day, I've decided to start week 5 over and do it this week instead. (whoo, run on sentence!)

Doing this puts me a full week behind, but it just doesn't feel right starting a calendar week with a second run instead of a first. Not to mention doing the second run of week 5 one week after I did the first one.

Needs must and all that! I'll have to do this again mid-August as well when my son and I go to Pontins for a long weekend.

Oh, about my trip to London, for those of you interested in more personal details. I went to see my gender specialist who has okayed me to pursue chest surgery, so I'll be applying for NHS funding for that this week. He has also decreased my dosage of testosterone by 25% as my levels were a bit too high. Which might explain my constant hunger!

Happy running guys and gals!

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