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Sneak peek ahead at Week 5...

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Ouch.... who told me to have a sneak peek at the week ahead week 5. Things are about to get serious now in the coming days.

I think I've learnt to not get too worked up about it now as I believe in this programme. Can't believe that by this time next week I'll be looking to start running 20 mins non stop. Wow.

Bring it on. I'll be giving it my all.

In the meantime, off to work I go. Have a lovely Friday night all.x

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Oldfloss profile image

You too! You will just be fine:)

You can do it🏃 enjoy week 5 😊

emliche profile image

You'll be surprised with what you can do after following the programme :)

IannodaTruffe profile image

Just believe in yourself and go nice and steady.

I think you have found the key.

Keep running, keep smiling.

DebJogsOn profile image

It really is possible - just think how good it will feel when you've done it!

Week 5 is well known for being a panic causer! Go out & see what happens, I bet you will suprise yourself 😀

rolysmate profile image

Yep it's one that frightens a lot of people but just take it nice and steady and you'll be fine, you're ready for this

Hey Donna... shouldn't peek ahead lol... don't worry mate you got this in the bag remember slow and steady, believe in yourself 😉

Fishypieface profile image

No sneaky peaks! :) I did that and worried all week! You are in safe hands, plus it isn't anything to worry about. You are smashing this and you will be so pleased when you've done it. :) Good luck.

Polly2810 profile image

You will be ready for week 5..,I think we all were terrified by that one! You will feel epic when you smash it!!! You can do it no doubt about it!!

vlmiller1225 profile image

Going out to finish week 4 today! Should be right there beside you in week 5!! We got this! 👍🏻

Bring it on... you ll do it nicely as ever...

So have you had a chance to do a sneaky W5 run, or are you keeping us in suspense?

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