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Gulp - week 5 run 3 in an hours time. Any last minute advice?

The time has come - can't actually believe it but in an hours time i'll be strapping on my trainers for W5R3. Pretty terrified I'll admit so any old hands out there want to let me know the secret of continuous running - now is the time to share it. Otherwise just tell the medics to be on standby!

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Just take the run slow and steady and you'll do it - you wont know how but you'll do it! Good luck :)


Thanks fitbefore40, possibly shouldn't overthink it. Slow sounds good!


the secret is just keep going

you have already got what it takes physically - you have have done all of the other weeks & I'll bet you that this time last week you didn't think you could go for the full 8 minutes did you?.

well you did that - so you can do this.

You are ready....

Go & have half a glass of water now - and please don't fret, it really isn't all that bad.

Just think of this - 2 hours from now you will have discovered the secret for yourself anyway.

Enjoy it & Happy Running


Trying not to fret and have managed not to think about it most of the day but the closer it gets the more worried I'm getting. Having some water now is a good idea as it's quite hot and muggy.

"Just keep going" - you make it sound so easy!

Thanks for the encouragement


A slow and steady pace and a positive attitude, that's all you need!

You've already done two sets of 8 mins so just tell yourself that the next step is 10 mins. An extra 2 mins - pah! Easy!

So once you've done the 10 mins, you've made it halfway! Then don't think about the next 10 as one lump; break it down into smaller 2 min chunks. Just keep it slow and steady and before you know it, it'll be time for the 5 min cool down.

Good luck - you can do it!

BUT if you can't do it - just shrug your shoulders and remeber that you TRIED!!! There's always the next time


Think you're right about the positive attitude, If I set off thinking I'm going to fail, the chances are I will. If Laura thinks I can do it, I must be able to. So I'll strap a smile on my face at the same time and break it down like you suggest. Just two minutes more than the 8 makes 10 and then i'm half way. I like your thinking!!


Remember - it's 50% physical and 100% mental ! If you think you can do it, you can. BTW, you can. If you've got this far, you definitely can. Go for it.


Thanks for your support, I overcame the challenge and won, yippee!

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I am in awe. I have my first week 5 run tomorrow morning and am so glad about these tips- mentally preparing myself to keep on going throght this week.


It honestly wasn't that bad, no worse than other runs. Believe in Laura, she knows what she's doing. if I can do it so can you :)


I really want to know how it went for you , I have just completed week 5 run 1 and almost enjoyed it !!


Success and without to much pain, I know what you mean about almost enjoying it. Must be all the dolphins (sorry-endorphins) jumping about in my brain:)


I made it, I actually made it!!!! For me the first five mins were the worst as it took a little time to settle to a comfortable rhythm, then I tried to forget I was running and think of something else. When you know there is no walking you stop waiting for it. My last two minutes were all uphill so a little tricky but knowing I was nearly done kept me going. All I can say is WOW....Laura was right, I could do it.....who knew !


Congratulations on getting through it - Those first 5 mins are always tricky as you need them to settle into a rhythm - and it's something that you probably haven't noticed before from the shorter runs.

If you're not expecting them it is quite easy to feel defeatist - so well done on knuckling down to it and nailing the biggie.


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