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Best run ever!

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Hi everyone!

I just got new running shoes and I wanted to try them out with an easy 1-mile run. After finishing that, I felt really good and decided to just keep going to 1.5 miles, then 2 miles... In the end I did 2.3 miles to get to an even 30 minutes. So I guess that's w7r3 finished!

I think that focusing on the distance instead of time really helped. It's hard to explain, but when I run for a set amount of time it feels so ... tedious? relentless? inexorable? Like there's nothing I can do to make time pass more quickly, so every minute seems like a huge effort. But this time, by focusing on the distance I could speed up to feel like I was making better progress, then slow down when I started flagging. It's really more of a mental trick more than anything, since I'll still end up doing the required amount of time.

Or maybe it was just the new shoes.

Either way, it really built up my confidence. Whereas before I was having trouble imagining myself making it past the 25 minute mark, now I've started thinking about what I'll do once I finish the program -- maybe I'll eventually run a 5k!

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Congratulations! There is so much mental input when running. I do obsess by minutes done/minutes left and I do feel the stress levels rising when Laura says 5 minutes run/5 to go and I am struggling.

Might try that next time.

How lovely to buy new shoes. I have had mine for years. I dont think they are a bad shoe, I cant remember buying them and they are comfortable so I will carry on with them for now.

Congrats on your best run ever. Just started the program myself. Done with week 1,start week 2 tomorrow. Thinking of buying new running shoes. Which did you buy?

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to Lorriedave

Don't buy shoes on someone else's recommendation. We are all different and need shoes to fit our foot size, width and arch as well as taking into account our stride and foot strike. If you run on the road, it is advisable to go to a reputable running shop and have gait analysis and get shoes that work for you.

Well done for getting started, good luck.

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EmB24Graduate in reply to Lorriedave

I went to a running store for some professional advice. It was really helpful, especially since I always have trouble finding shoes that fit right. The brand that I ended up with was Saucony.

Good luck with the program! I say buy the new shoes -- it's like a promise to your future self that you'll keep running!

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Well done in finishing week 7 on such a high note.

The shoes probably helped, or the new frame of mind.....

Enjoy your running.

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Are you finding new places to run? I run somewhere different every time I go out as I like to see new scenery. It might just be the local streets or trails but a change is as good as a rest as they say. No getting bored! It's not allowed

I've found some lovely places that I never knew existed and found I can get to shops I thought were way too far.

You just forget you're running as you're so busy noseying.

Keep up the good work! Great new on the shoes. We love new shoes on here. It's traditional to post a pic!

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EmB24Graduate in reply to misswobble

I've been running on the treadmill. I really want to finish the program inside, because I've found that when I run outside I have to go back to week 3 or 4. But I'm moving in a couple weeks, so it sounds like running outside might be a good way to explore my new neighborhood!

I wish I could post a picture as a reply -- my new shoes are neon and black and the first time I wore them my dad said I looked like a runner (which I guess I am!).

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Ooh new shoes -always seem to give you new wings! Well done.

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well done, that sounds like a lovely run. I know what you mean about the times, when I was doing the programme it sometimes felt like such a slog. I think the key it to mix it up a little once you graduate, sometimes focus on speed, sometimes distance, sometimes time, that way you keep one step ahead and 'trick' the mind. Its like dealing with kids really, we're not so different, we can easily fool ourselves into doing it! We're all different though, you will find your own way by trial and error. In the meantime, keep up the great work, you're almost there!

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Well done.There is no feeling like the buzz you get from a great run. Enjoy your new shoes and get out into the freash air to break them in. Conrats not long to go now!!!

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