First ever park run....

Ok..well...I've done my first ever park run this morning...when I say run...I mean light be honest, I feel a little bit deflated & bit teary....I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong...I was going to incorporate my W6R3 with it but that went out of the window straight away...the atmosphere was good, there was a lot of high fiving & whooping going on...the first timers like me started at the back...I got Mr Smooth going & my music but everyone around me was running so I didn't do the 5 min warm up walk I just joined I decided at that point to just treat this as an experience....I ran for about 10 mins then walked and so it carried on...

I think I will leave the park run until I've graduated because, to me, the park run just emphasised how far behind I am....& that there are 'proper' runners & I'm not one of them... not yet...πŸ™

Oh well...there's time...W6R3? Prob leave it till Tuesday...

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  • You did it...!!! Don't feel deflated mate, it was your first and before graduating so you put in the effort and tried... the people there where probably in our shoes at one point.

    Well done you I am so happy you had a go, keep going you have come so far... your brilliant πŸ˜€

  • Well done for trying Mummycav..this sounds a bit like the experience Rebecca had on her first Parkrun which I think was W9 for her. It must be so difficult to control the impulse to run straight away, and with no warm up you scuppered your chances of completing your longer run...

    That went out running, you ran, you had fun I hope and after a good rest that W6 run will be in the bag.

    Well done you.😊x

  • Yaaay, you did it. I did it, we did it. Xxx

  • Hey, did you turn up? Did you finish? Did you run some of it? Then you did it. None of this negative thinking, young woman. You are a runner and any of those first finishers would agree with me - when you look at the results, look at how many park runs they have done.

    I was a bit despondent at the last one when I could not catch up with the 74 year old who was leading me towards the finishing line. When I saw that it was his 75th park run I knew why that was.

    Put this one down to experience, a positive experience, though. You have done this at a very early stage in your running career. Just think what you are going to do with your first personal best next time out!

  • Do not feel deflated. You are a proper runner. Not got my result yet from this morning but it felt hard today. Was beaten by most of the ten year olds as usual and also by the woman with the biggest buggy you ever saw. But that's not the point. I did it and had a lovely chat with over a coffee after. That's what Park run is all about.

    Whenever you next do one, just enjoy it. You are doing great.

  • You did it !!! Be proud next time you will nail it xx

  • Don't think of all the flashy Mc flashy runners, and the fact you had people ahead of you, not beating you because it's not a race, but think of all the people you were ahead of because they didn't get their 'arris out of bed or off the sofa.

    Just do your own thing and smile, you're part of the group that do, not the group that won't!

  • Mummycav109 - I know the exact feeling you are describing. I did my first Park Run and although I ran most of it I was a bit deflated after it because I was slow compared to the others. I haven't done another but will in a few weeks maybe.

    It took me a while to realise that it didn't matter what all the other runners did. I run not to be better than others but only to be a better me. It took me 50 minutes - I was 10th from the end but every run however long or short makes me a better runner.

    This morning I was a volunteer marshal at the Bushy Park Run and it was awesome! I loved it! I realised that everyone who took part was running their own run. The front runners do it and so quickly it's quite unbelievable but I loved the runners who run because they want to be there, they put their heart and soul into it and they work so hard to get round the course. I then thought about it and I'm one of those! I worked so hard when I did it and now I'm proud to have run it and want to go back and do it again.

    I had just graduated when I tried it and still felt that I was unprepared for it. I think that I learnt a lot about myself and I think I will get better as time goes on if I keep at it.

    I hope that you feel different about Park Run after your next go! Good luck with W6R3 - you'll soon be whizzing round that Park Run πŸ‘

  • Thank you AngeScott...I prob did run more than I walked..I'm just gonna put it down to experience...I'm already feeling a little bit better about it because of the kindness of everyone on here...DaddyCav met me at the finish line, which I didn't know about...when I saw him it made me fill up...he said he was very proud of, at the end of the day, it's about us...& how we feel...I'm glad I went & I am sure after today I will crack my W6R3...

  • Awwww go daddycav - reading that made me fill up too .

    Pleased you feel better xx

  • Slow and steady :)

  • Every first run with others is a different experience, you did really well to get out there with them, well done. Don't beat yourself up too much, it is all a learning curve, some like to finish their last few weeks with parkrun some like to wait, both are totally fine and a personal preference. Give yourself a massive pat on the back and treat yourself today for getting out there.

  • You did amazingly! Turning up for your first group run is a huge achievement in itself! So that is now under your belt, done and dusted!

    Now you know how it all works, you know what the distance feels like, you know you need to run your own race.

    Its you challenging you, you are not competing against others. The crowd is there for company and enthusiasm, nothing more.

    So for your next parkrun, decide how you are approaching it and stick to your plan.

    Most of all, enjoy! You are a runnerπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Thank you Jacs x

  • I'm watching your post with a great deal of interest. I've talked about parkrun since the start of the programme, and still haven't done it after graduating. You did amazingly to go and join in with the big boys - I 'm hoping to drag my running buddy along in a couple of weeks. I don't know if I would do it alone.

    Next time you go, your stamina will have built up even more, and you' ll whizz round there!

  • Ha ha...not sure about whizzing!! But I have clocked the kms & bagged the stamina...deffo...

    I was just talking to Daddycav about it & maybe doing a park run alone is not the right thing for me? I enjoy running alone on a normal run but I think if you get yourself in a negative mindset it's harder to pull yourself out whereas having someone else with you they can talk you round or even just take your mind of it all??!! I don't know...

    I knew a few people there this morning, I came 297th out of 322 runners so I was one of the last & one of my friends who had finished with her hubby about 5 mins before me ran to the finish with me shouting "come on Bev!!!" That was very sweet of her but I looked around & there weren't meant people on their own...possibly only the gazelles who finished it after about 90 seconds!!!!!!

    So, I would def suggest someone to run with...if you don't feel confident to do it alone...the only time I would run it alone again is when I am a fully fledged runner & that won't be for a while xx

  • Absolutely. Company during a run is definitely the best thing. And remember you are only competing against yourself! πŸ˜€

  • Don't feel down!! It was a good experience, I seriously thought about it, have my bar codes for when I'm ready. You took part that's the main thing, just keep with it! Chin up chick!! X

  • Thank you Polly..I know they say it's the taking part that counts!! Kms clocked & stamina all adds up xx

  • Deffo...every time you get out there are getting a bit fitter!! 😊 just keep going!

  • You are a proper runner, never doubt it, you just chose a different thing to do today that's all. It's a good warm up for you kicking ass on Tuesday.. well done you. And you did something different, now when you choose to do a Park Run you will already know what it's like and that is invaluable experience.

  • Thank you JCR once again for your advice &'s good for my running spirit...x

  • I was nervous when I was talked into entering a "Fun race".

    Half way through it I decided two things.

    I don't WANNA be a "Racer"! I just want to be a happy runner.

    I am no longer interested in thinking what other random people might be thinking about me and me basing how I think of myself because of thinking about their thinking. ;)

    To me the AWESOMENESS of me is - I can now run 5k FAR easier than I was able to run the Day 1 distance!

    Relatively speaking, my personal PB this puts Mo whatsit in the shade ;)

    Run for yourself, it's fun :) And I am saving a seat for you at the Graduation table, OK ? See you soon there :)

  • You've warmed my heart IJ....thank will deffo see me there!! πŸ˜‰

  • ☺

  • Listen to the lovely John!!!

  • Yeay!!!! Go John!!!

  • Thank you :)

  • Well you did it and if nothing else it's an experience that you can take forward with you

    Well done for the effort

  • Many people would not ever contemplate a running in a Park run before Graduation.. you did it properly.. you walked and you ran...:)

    The danger of getting carried away happens to many folk... you most certainly are not behind at any way... So....

    Get that thought right out of your head.. some folk will do a Park run and they will do it and be fine... some may do it and will end up feeling disheartened and maybe even injured.

    This is a great nine week journey.. to get you running for 30 minutes.. not necessarily for 5K and it is intended to get you there safely and having had fun...why rush it.

    You are right.. Park Run can wait... you are doing amazingly!

  • Well done you! You commented on my post earlier, my first Parkrun, but I only braved it after graduating. You have done fantastically well, I'm mighty impressed mam, keep going and you're gonna smash it πŸ‘

  • You just did parkrun? Wow that's awesome, well done πŸ‘

    The only race you are doing is the race with yourself. Are you running longer, further and quicker than you were 6 weeks ago? If the answer is 'yes' then I guess that means you are a winnerπŸ˜πŸ‘‹please don't be sad

  • Thank you Helenwheels...I feel like I've run a marathon tonight!!! Just enjoying a chilled beer as a reward!!! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • I agree with everyone else - you should be proud of yourself to have come so far AND gone for your first parkrun. You have a pb now! And you have all the time in the world to beat it. Get a few more C25k runs under your belt and you'll be flying!

  • Hello my lovely and a "WINNING" lovely at that too.

    You ran it, you did it and you finished. I can understand exactly how you feel, I would be the same.

    Im doing mine next wk, a wk short of doing wk 9, unless I can squeeze that in, lol. I have a colleague from work thst said she would run with me, no matter how slow i might be.

    The fact that you have completed it, is amazing and its your first step to many more runs and future running events.


  • Oh I'm so sad that you feel that way, you really shouldn't, today was a great achievement!

    Big hugs, now dust yourself off and enjoy your journey, imagine how great you'll feel next time because you know what it's like to get there. πŸ€—

  • Well done for taking part. I have to say that I felt similar at my first one, but I wasn't trying to run any particular week of the program - just run/walk to entire 5k. Everyone set off at a run, and I followed - even the tail walker ran to start with (until someone started walking after the first corner!).

    However - you did it, you completed the 5k, and you ran more of it than you walked!

    Maybe go back another time as a volunteer? I went as tail walker and enjoyed that much more!! It might help you get to know a few of the regulars and at least you know how it all works?

    But well done for doing it! :)

  • I really admire you for getting out there and giving it a go. It can only get easier. My goal is to be able to complete a parkrun and I am nowhere near that yet.

    But now I am wondering...if everyone runs straight away, do they just not warm up or do they warm up before somehow? πŸ€”

  • Where I did Parkrun a lot of people have a walk around before starting. I have to drive to my nearest one so park a little bit away and walk to loosen up a bit x

  • Oh dear. And to think I was one of the people who said you should give it a go in your last post. But give it a go you did. And, more importantly, you didn't give up.

    The second park run I did a man in front of me was run/walking. He still beat me.

    Okay you were near the back, but you are on W6 and you didn't come last. That's a starting point isn't it? You have another few weeks training before you graduate so you know there's more in the tank, and next time you go there will be marked improvement,and a PB.

    As others have said you are running you own race. When I get overtaken buy someone I feel I shouldn't it deflates me a bit, but then strive strives me on to keep up my training and get better.

    You, like me, are only a short way into this running malarky. Others have run for years. I hope you give it another go. And I hope that you feel proud of yourself, for we, like daddycav, are proud of you too. Well done!

  • Good going signing and turning up. It's too easy to be hard on yourself. Drop the negativity please, your doing an amazing thing! I have seen there are 2 park runs around me but I haven't even stated to think about that yet so your braver than me. It's been just me and my dog so far, only had one run without him in 7 and a bit weeks. Can't imagine I'm going to like running with other people. Run, walk, jog, slow fast - whatever it's all good, chin up:)!!!

  • Well done you! I also did my first Parkrun yesterday. I came last out of 40!! I must admit I was tempted to rush off at the start to keep up - and when I looked at Strava that had mapped my run...I had run fast initially! Soon got into my rhythm. It was 4 circuits and so I was lapped by runners.....but I'd got up got dressed and taken part and for that reason I'm proud! We did it!!😁

  • And well done YOU,. Amazing achievement.

  • Nice one for doing it! That's an achievement in itself. X

  • You went on a Park Run practice, it's just like any other run, if things don't go how you like then chalk it up to a practice and move on.

    Well done though.

  • It matters not that you had to walk Mummycav109 , you did it. You experienced your first Parkrun so now you know exactly what to expect next time and you will build on that. The first time doing anything like that is so nerve wracking and you did it alone! Your body was probably pumped so full of adrenaline - which can work in our favour, of course, but also might have been what made you a bit tearful. You did it. Brilliant. Yay you X

  • Well done - first of many Parkruns I'm sure. I didn't dare do it til after graduation. I think I was about 3rd from last on my first one too so you did an awesome job.

    I run solo at Parkrun as I can't cope with running and talking.

    I use it as a 'proper' timed challenge to improve on my pb each week - I don't always manage to improve on time but it gives me the incentive.


  • Don't be deflated, you went and completed it. I bet there were others combining running and walking too.

    You are a proper runner Mummycav109 you are out there doing it. Be proud of your achievements.

  • You did it! That's great! I assume the cake tasted great anyway ;)

  • Cake was fab!!! Best bit!!!!

  • IMummycav you did great! I have just completed my second park run and loved it! First time was with a running friend and her children and it was slow as youngest child stopped half way round! I still enjoyed it and was determined to go again and this time was just my friend and I. She is a much better runner than I so I said for her to go off and I will go at my pace. I ran and I walked round the course and kept on pushing myself and was thrilled when I passed people and loved knowing I was able to finish it even though it was hard. The marshals were fantastic really urging everyone on whether first or last. My friend was at the end to cheer me on and took a lovely photo and I was still smiling! I came 594th out of 630 runners and got a new pb of 39.27 under 40 mins! So much slower than most other runners but my best ever and I am determined to beat that!! I loved being part of Parkrun and will definitely try and go every week. Carry on Mummycav you did so well and I can assure you the second run is so much better than the first xx

  • Thank you Virginia60..that's so encouraging...I keep going over it in my head...& having read everyone's reply, it is definitely true that we are sometimes our own worst enemies!! Maybe, nerves, confidence, self-belief...and many other feelings rolled into one made me feel worse? But now I've done it once, who knows?? Thank you

  • Mummycav109 I am so impressed with your effort and courage!

    I was considering doing my graduation on a park run so decided to go along yesterday and see what it was like.

    Wow! I wasn't even running and I was overwhelmed! There were more people than usual apparently, as another local park run had been cancelled. There were several hundred. I can imagine how you felt daunted! I think you did really well to complete the whole thing and no way should you be disappointed with yourself, rather extremely proud!

  • Awwww, that's such a lovely thing to say....Daddycav was prob more proud than I was to be honest...I just felt a bit deflated....but I am determined to beat my pb next time...but that wont be until after I graduate!!! I've found it surprising that some haven't tried it until after graduation which means that I must be mental??!!! Lol....

  • Well done MC! Actually you've made me remember my only (so far) parkrun (some weeks ago now). It WAS challenging in all sorts of ways - hard to accept I might not 'make it' and 'I might be last', and 'what will fellow-runners think' and 'I'd better go as fast as them'. It made me think about what kids go through every single day at school - courting disappointment and 'success'. Ups and downs - and coping with them. And having mums and dads (like you, Cavs, no doubt) and teachers (hopefully) who constantly say 'be yourself ' 'just do your best' 'first or last you're a miracle'.

    At the end of my so-far-only-Parkrun, four people came in after me and the last guy was seriously overweight and had walked all the way. He got the biggest cheer and cafe-talk gave him hero status - for striding out there with a smile on his face and defying gravity. I think seeing him made me see the C25k / Parkrun process as something soooo profound. Maybe you found an important bit of yourself - tears, disappointed, comforted, uplifted (ultimately)?

    Above all, don't let any gremlin tell YOU you're not a running miracle!

  • Wow...thank you's good to read this, knowing that I'm not the only one feeling like that! We do tell our Children that, whatever they're facing...because they are miracles...

    There was also a man seriously overweight...& huge in height too, he really stood out, apparently he's been doing the park run since it started a year ago & just in the last couple of weeks has started to kind of jog, he also got the biggest cheer, he must feel amazing at the was a fab was a bit like a forum coming to life!!! I can imagine if all of us on here organised our own parkrun, how fantastic that would be??!!!! But I didn't know them & their journey & they didn't know mine but we were all there for one thing....

    I'm feeling I've come a long way, encouraged by everyone on here...I'm not sure I'd have carried on if I hadn't discovered this forum...Running has definitely brought out another side to me...& that's why I tell all the other newbies to carry on because there's more to this journey than just running xx

  • Well said - all true for me, too.

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