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First ever holiday run πŸ˜€

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Since becoming a runner I've had the desire to do a holiday run. Other than the Bristol 10k all of my running has been very local to where I live.

So I brought my running gear to our holiday here in Anglesey, confident I'd be able to squeeze one in - and I just did! I'm gutted though that While I remembered my Garmin, I forgot to ensure she was fully charged and bring the charger - doh! But luckily I still had mapmyrun on my phone so used that instead. Not the longest run but it was considerably hillier than I usually do.

Any of you newbies out there wondering how far the C25k programme can take you - it can take you to wherever you want it to - just stick with it and then embrace and enjoy running - it's fantastic.

:-) xx

18 Replies
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thats brilliant well done bet it was fine feeling running about new terrain

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to magicdragon

It was a great feeling - Loved it! πŸ˜€


Well done. The best run I ever did was my first 10k along the promenade/beach path at lanzarote. I bet this felt just as good to you.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to rmnsuk

Ooo bet that was hot.. Rather cooler here this morning πŸ˜€


Fantastic!! What a beautiful place to run I love Anglesea!! Hills are tricky, I need to face hills this weekend!! That is a pain in the bottom about the garmin, for me it's my iPod that the battery is always dead.

Have a fab holiday I know you will. A friend recently went to Anglesey on a residential and did some cool things!!

Happy holiday running!!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Vixchile

It's fab here - we're doing that mile long zip slide over a quarry tomorrow.. Scary stuff 😰

ju-ju-Administrator running is the best... enjoy yourself :)

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

I thought of you when I was doing a trail type bit, knowing your new found love of trail running πŸƒ πŸ˜€


Oh how lovely Pinky !

Anglesey is absolutely gorgeous , make the most of every minute ! :-)

Have a fab time xxxx

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to poppypug

It's lovely, thanks Poppy :-) xx

Thanks for sharing. Sounds lovely. I have amazing memories of a holiday to Anglesey when I was a child. Enjoy the rest of your holiday 😎

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to goonkeepgoing

It's a lovely place - our first visit. Just a long way away from the southwest!

goonkeepgoingGraduate in reply to pinkangel16

Lol. We drive a long way to the south west for our holiday !

thats brilliant! well done, its nice to get a holiday run in! and to see it mapped out even better! bet it was pretty too :)

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to aliboo70

It was lovely - some coastal, some inland :-) xx


Well done Angel! Running on Anglesey, how lovely. It's a fab place to get your running shoes on. I stayed in Beaumaris when I was there last. What a fab spot.

I hope you have a fab holiday. So glad you could get some running in.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to misswobble

We're off to Beaumaris on Friday - looking forward to a boat trip. Really hopeful to see some puffins ☺.

And good to see you're back out on the road πŸƒ xx


We stayed at the pub, The Bull I think it was called. Something like that, near the castle. There is a wonderful little restaurant over the butchers shop over the road. Affordable but fine dining using dad's meats. Lush! I had a wonder around the allotments while I was there and it must have one of the best views from a plot anywhere I've seen. Just wonderful

Have fun!

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