First ever 10k run

REally chuffed with myself. Went out this morning not entirely sure if I was attempting 10k or not. It was nastily cold - cloudy with one of those raw winds - and for the first 2k I thought dispensing with gloves had been a mistake. But then I got over the bridge and onto my favourite riverside path, and more importantly into the shade of trees - and finally I was warm enough but not too hot. Milestones started ticking by. 2.5k done, decided to keep going. Next bridge of the river at 3.5k, still feeling good, lets see if I can do a bit more. Next bridge at 4.5k - well it would be a shame to turn back now wouldn't it, so on to the next bridge, at 5.7k. Turned back and the wind did that nasty thing, because having run into it for all that time I was looking forward to having it at my back. But Noooo. It must have swung round, because I still felt like I was running into it. Was also staring to regret not having brought any mints with me - not thirsty as such, but a very dry mouth. However told myself firmly that as I'd already done more than half the distance I could obviously finished and chugged along happily, back across the river, over the motorway and finally almost home.

Had last week's Saturday Live on the podcast for company. Time was 138 minutes - so not quick just a shade faster than my target 10m/k, so I'm happy.

Only downer is that my Garmin (FR15, less than a year old) crashed as I pressed the save button. The run is recorded on the site, but the step count was lost. So its going back to the shop Monday. Graduated last April, so its taken a while to get here - adding about 0.5k per month. Not planning to increase distance again for a while - but will work on increasing pace.


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  • That's brilliant well done! It's lovely when it just sort of happens. Makes all the work over the months so worth it. I hope you get your garmin sorted too x :-)

  • Well done , thats a marvellous achievement, you should be very chuffed with yourself tonight. Congratulations ! :-) xxx

  • Well done! That's a great distance.

  • Well done, you've cracked one of those great milestones, feels good doesnt it :)

  • Great achievement getting to that 10k well done.

  • Well done - I find it difficult to pace myself when I run 10K. It is such a long way( for me) that I can be too conservative and possibly do it slower than I possibly could. I find that I can run/walk 10K faster than I can run it non-stop.

  • Wow that sounds really impressive! I like your time too - I feel very intimidated by all these clever folk who can run 5k in 30 mins or less and 10k in about an hour. If I ever make it to 10k it will be slloooooowwwwww!

  • With you there UseIt :-)

  • Brilliant achievement! Naughty Garmin for not catching the marvellousness of it all fully but it was probably awestruck and forgot itself for a moment.

  • Typical int it, ruddy equipment failure at your finest hour! Bah!

    Never mind, you did it! Yay! Did you punch the air?

    It's a satisfactory distance to run on a regular basis and you'll want to do them regularly now. Your legs will benefit and you'll be able to increase by 10% up to HM distance before long

  • Oh very well done. So pleased for you :)

  • Well done! Your method of getting there by small increments was spot on as was your method of getting through the run. Interesting that you mention the mints. Not just as something to aid hydration, because I use such things as a reward. The further you go, the more it becomes about your head and not your legs. I have my Garmin set to km but I reward myself with a mint (or whatever I take with me) every mile. That also forces me to count in multiples of 1.6 (there's roughly 1.6 km in a mile) which provides a mental distraction.

    10k is the queen of distances. The springboard to greater things, it is long enough to provide a real challenge, yet not too long that in requires a lot of investment in time or recovery.

  • That's a great achievement - particularly with the wind issue. I'm looking forward to the day when I can post that I've done 10k - hopefully soon!

  • Lovely story, thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration to those of us who are trying to get there xxx

  • You will get there. Just keep building up slowly!

  • Brilliant.. well done... only done one slow 10k myself and I really don't think the time matters at all. :-) You'll feel good about that run for a long time.

  • Great post! What a fantastic sounding run apart from the wind so not the easiest of conditions! congratulations !

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