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Things are coming along nicely

I had to take a week off from running, because I had LASIK surgery on July 21. It's nice not having to wear glasses, but I was instructed not do any strenuous exercise for a week (I think to avoid sweat getting in my eyes). I really was suffering from a running jones last week, and was very glad when I could finally lace up my sneakers. In fact, I went out much later than I normally do (waiting my husband to get a move on), and it was quite hot, but I didn't really care. I was just happy to be running.

So, I am trying to increase my speed since I graduated, and re-doing the program starting with the Week 2 sessions. Yesterday, I did my fourth session, and although I am not using any equipment to track my speed I know I am going faster in comparison to when I initially did Week 2 in May. At that time I would only cover a distance of 1.5 miles in one session, and now I reach 2.1 miles. This is based upon the distance markers posted along the trail.

Right now it takes me about 42 minutes to run 5K, and my goal is to do it in 30 minutes. I know I can do it, and want to increase my cardiopulmonary capacity to help make it happen sooner, in addition to strengthening my legs. Tomorrow, I am going to start riding my bike on the same trail during my "off" days.

I was going to do a Jeff Galloway sponsored 5K run, but it's on a Thursday, and I don't think I can take that time since I just started a new job this past week. Oh well, there are other runs that I am looking into. One in particular is on the Thanksgiving Holiday (U.S.). A good way to earn my holiday feast.

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I hope you are recovering ok and get back to running ASAP I start to miss it now if I can't manage it every other day! I am covering about the same distance within my walk and run on week 7 so after week 9 I will probably concentrate on my speed too. Good luck x


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