Week 2 along the beach!

Hi all you runners. Thankyou all for your encouraging messages. I woke up feeling the best I've felt in a few days and just had to get out there, so as it was such a lovely sunny day I went to Folkestone and did my week 2 run 1 along the beach as the tide was out IN THE DAYLIGHT, not giving two hoots as to whether others can see me or not. Mind you it was chuffing cold! I enjoyed my run and felt I did well except the breathing thing. I think that might take some real practise. I can only count to 2 if I'm lucky breathing in or out and I know I had my normal red puffing face ( nice ) ! Also, my earplug kept falling out and they're supposed to be ones that are suitable for running, they curve around the back of the ear but they've never been that good since I've had them. It might be because I wear glasses and they get in the way. I'm going to go back to my old ones for now, they're the just pop in the ear ones. They fall out to at times but at least you haven't got to mess about with the back of the ear bit when trying to fit them back in.


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23 Replies

  • Sounds like an exhilarating run Chrysanthemum. Well done...bet it was chilly.

    You're right about the breathing thing, it sorts itself out in time, just keep your head up and shoulders down, which helps.

    Keep going.😊

  • Hi Jan-now-runs, thanks for the tip. I shall look forward to being able to breathe properly! In time.

  • Yeay!

    Go you..out there, in DAYLIGHT, and totally rocking it! Wow!

    Love your post and the energy that is showing through :)

    Very well done... and please, could you send me some sunshine :) I am soooo fed up of murky misty dampness! :)

  • Will do, if I can. Perhaps tomorrow will be sunnier for you? I guess you live higher up the country than me then?

    ThNks for your message.

  • I do... Staffordshire Moorlands... and it is sooo grey here ...!

  • Hope tomorrow and weekend are more brighter for you there.

  • Did you run on sand? Soft or wet...Just wondering how it was as I am tempted by beach also.

    I find a hat helps with the earplugs but then a hat is not always wanted.

  • Hi MotherPip, it was hard wet sand and I love the sea so I was as near to the water as I could possibly get without getting my feet wet! Heaven! Can't wait to have a paddle and eventually warm enough to have a dip. A few months to go ye though.

  • How is running on hard sand different from pavements...Is it similar impact wise...Is it harder work or about the same.

  • I think it's about the same really. I didn't notice much impact change, maybe slightly softer but not that you'd notice. Let me know what you think when you do it.

  • Nothing better than a run along the beach. And earplug faffage overcome too. We'll done! 😊

  • Thanks McFitty.

  • Sounds like a lovely run, if brisk!

    I struggled with my breathing in the earlier runs. Then I decided to stop worrying about counting etc and just breathe naturally. Much easier and it stopped being a problem.

  • Yes, I see what you mean there. I'm not going concentrate too much on the breathing, just go with the flow as they say for now and the better I get the better the breathing will be I hope.

  • Yes, for me once I stopped thinking about it my body took over. Good luck!

  • I envy you, running by the sea. 🌊 sounds like a lovely run. I could never get the breathing that Laura suggested, and in the end just did my own thing. Seems to work ok.

  • I'm noticing other runners are saying the same thing so I won't worry about it, thanks for that Razouski.

  • Well done you..a daytime run! Know lots of people on here take a while to build up to that. Another one who cant do the suggested breathing here...I dont try to do anything about it now, except if i start struggling to get enough air, in which case I slow down. Works for me!

  • I know! I can't believe it myself! Mind you, I did have my sunglasses on and baseball cap ( surely no one can see you then really can they!? ) it's good to know I'm not the only one who can't do the suggested breathing. Thanks for your reply.

  • Sounds perfect . . . Sun, Sea & Sand

  • My breathing is fine until I'm reminded of it! Then it's as if I can't remember how to breath and Can only puff and gasp. I certainly can't count to four!

  • Well done you! I remember how I started running in the dark so no-one would see me. It's something of a statement, that first 'public' run. Excellent work -there will be no stopping you now. I wouldn't worry at all about your breathing just yet. Leave that till the later weeks and the long runs. You are doing brilliantly.

  • Well done! SO glad you ran where people can see you with not a care in the world! It's liberating, isn't it?! I struggle with in the ear headphones - my ears must be a funny shape. Try something like this, I've never had a problem with them at all.


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