Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom. (Euripides)

(Thursday) How wise and knowledgeable I must be for I have succeeded in my own sporting endeavour. I am now the Supreme Leader of Dozz-ville, Governor of Fanghorn, Lord over all Isengard, Protector of the Northern Wastes and All Outlying Outposts (triathlete) and my fame will go before me. (I am possibly getting a bit irritating about this. Sorry.)

We still have people joining which is corking.

Newly qualified triathletes

Second Lieutenant scruttons (phys ed div, triathlete)

Lieutenant KittyKat007 (triathlete)

Me (if you hadn't guessed)

If I have missed your completion post let me know.


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23 Replies

  • Drat, drat and double drat. I usually delete those.

  • Congratulations Dozz, Sir, that's wonderful. :) Did you borrow the bike or did you take the hard route and do the spin class? The troops need to know the specifics ( well ok I do, I'm just nosey.) So pleased you did it, just have to get myself organised now and make a start. :) :) :)

  • Hey EM, yes you are quite correct, where is your completion post Dozz ?

    We need the specifics, we need the minutae, we need to know every detail of drops of sweat shed, tears cried and , most importantly , did you wear your gold hot pants :-)

    Did Mrs Next Door bring your onion back ? :-) xxx

  • No, I did not wear the hot pants. Will work on the post for tonight.

  • Oh, and no onion - good swap though. I want my own bike now.

  • Morning Dozz, fab , best start saving up, start a bike saving tin instead of a KJU tin maybe ? :-) xxx

  • KJU faster to afford.

  • Took the onion option Second Lientenant AncientMum (ents div). Less painful.

  • Second Lieutenant KittyKat007 (distribution div, triathlete) a long-standing troop such as you deserves such promotion!

  • Well done noble leader. Setting us all a fine example!

  • We aim to please and all that guff!

  • Tous mes compliments.

    Te triathlon, c'est dans la poche!

  • Merci!

  • Well done "Supreme Irritation". I know I wasn't joining you but I thought I had to do the three things on 3 nights not the 3 things once (If that makes sense). So I'm joining but really would have difficulty with the cycling would a keep fit class do or maybe a cross trainer session. (Not sure if I have the right name for that - it's the one you where you are upright & use both your arms & legs). Oh and if so I don't want "irritate" or anything like that in my title. I get enough abuse at home. (Not from ADC you understand)

  • Major Waletta, of course you may tailor the tri to your wishes. And I would never call you irritating!

  • Congratulations Dozzer - wise, knowledgeable and a triathlete :)

  • Many thanks Second Lieutenant lizziebeth57 (supplies div), do you have the supplies in?

  • Of course! At the moment we are stocked up with lots of fruit and veg ( all fresh and organic from my allotment), herring in oatmeal (good for the brain plus I love it), plus of course the usual supply of Jammie dodgers a coffee and walnut cake and dairy milk. Drinks wise I have stuck to water and elderflower cordial. Fizzy drinks best avoided, as are cruciferous vegetables for triathlon purposes. For the benefit of triathletes and anyone else in the vicinity. Will be stocking up on the toblerone at the weekend, c/ o my mother in law.

    Anything missing?

  • KJU and fresh orange and lemonade no ice - designated pedaller.

  • KJU? Need help with that one. Fresh orange and lemonade sorted.

  • A KJU is a huge bar of chocolate. KJU indicating Kim Jong-Un the North Korean leader.

  • Well that's so obvious I should have guessed!

  • Yup.

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