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Week five run worries


I've looked ahead at my targets for the next week's running, and the first run of week five isn't too worrying. Three five minute runs? Not too bad. Doable. Actually looking forward to it. The two EIGHT minute runs. Again, gonna be hard, but I recon I can do it. But a TWENTY minute run? That... That's not gonna be easy. How do I feel?

Like I need some persil automatic, because it's brown trousers time.

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Check out the wealth of past posts on this....Week 5 is just one run after the other.. steady and slow... that is all it takes.

The runs are different as you move on.. that is the structure of it... a slow build up.... moving you on and helping to build up your running legs.... you are totally ready for each and every one.

Some runs... mainly because of scary posts, got a bad name for themselves... they are just runs:)

Wait for the replies.... folk will reassure you :)

"If you believe in dragons, you must believe, also, that they can be defeated:)"

Well done... you are going to be fine:)


You're not alone. Everyone felt and feels the same in the run up to W5 R3.

But the reality is the programme works, really works. Have faith in yourself and if you can't then have faith in the programme. It will get you there and when it does you are going to feel like King of the Hill! I can still remember my w5r3 grinning and laughing like a loon.

You're going to do this 💪👍😁


I did the 20 minute run last night and it really wasn’t hard. You don’t realise it at the time but those shorter runs are preparing you. If you can do two 8 minute runs with a small break inbetween you can do the 20. It’s only a tiny bit further, you just don’t get the rest in the middle.

I really found that by half way my breathing had found a rhythm and making it to the 20 minute mark was just mind over matter!


I struggled when I got to the third run too, you’re not alone! Looking back it’s obvious now I just needed to slow down, a lot. I think I was running faster than I thought and get tired too early on, once I found my ideal pace though it was fine. At one point I did go back a couple of weeks in the program because I was struggling, everyone is different and it took me a little longer to comfortably get up to wk 6, 25 mins. Don’t think about too much just give it a go, we all get there eventually. Good luck :)


You can do it mate!!! Trust me your legs will just know what to do!! I’m starting my wk6 r1 today. Kinda trying to get out of it but determined. Let us know how the week goes x


I'll post tomorrow morning after I've done run 1, i'll probably be complaining lol!

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