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Graduated! With an odd pre-warm up warm up!

I did w9r1 last Thursday and r2 on Sunday so I didn't want to put it off another day. Too hot yesterday but I don't usually run Wednesdays after a full day standing for 8 hours in a busy library. So even though I had a ballroom dance class and only got home at 8.45 I thought 'sod it, I'm going for it!'

So maybe a few turns around the dance floor with hubby - waltzing, quickstep, cha cha and fiddly foxtrot - is just the right way to prepare for a warm-up then a 30 minute run!

It has always been my ambition through the 9 weeks to run 'round the block' like hundreds of others around my village. It has been just right for me as its just under 5k including my walks. And I did it too!

So that was it! Cooler evening, roads bit quieter. tea settled and a bit of ballroom = a good winning run to round off this fantastic program.

So turning 50 as an overweight, exercise-phobe, with high blood pressure heading for the menopause is not all bad news!

Now who's the chap I message to get my shiny badge? :)

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You can get your badge here ;

Well done - I think your blog shows how important mental attitude is, it sounds as if you found just the right state of mind and went for it. Really uplifting to read :-)


Thanks! It must be the mental attitude as it's definitely not the lithe, athletic body that I haven't got and never will have!

Have messaged for my badge of valour.


Well done on completing the 30mins run. A novel warm up, but it certainly worked.


Enjoyed reading your blog and well done on graduating. Hoping it will be me in two weeks time!


Great news juliebee! How amazing that we've done this, isn't it? Me too, turned 51, too flabby and non-sporty, and achieved this. I hope and presume you celebrated in style with the remaining energy.

Word of advice - don't, like me, go and get calf pain the next run 'solo' and have to stop running. I did that on Monday and am yearning to go out again. The calf's getting better but I know I need to be sensible and wait. Golden rule, lots of water and stretching.

Well done again!!


Well done. It's hopefully my last run of this fantastic programme tonight after work. Shall miss Laura.


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