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Graduated with 1st injury

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Whoop whoop.... I graduated last night. But I did pick up my first injury. Towards the end of my run I got a sharp pain in my Achilles. I had to stop and limp walk for a few steps. But I was so close to the end of my run that I carried on. It eased a bit and I made it to the end. It’s a bit sore this morning. Any advice on Achilles injuries? How to prevent happening again? Happy I graduated. Bit disappointed I got the injury!

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Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Achilles tendon injuries need to be taken seriously. The link in this post is to an excellent pdf about Achilles tendinopathy

Rest and specific exercises will likely cure it, but don't rush it.

Take care.

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Trobo29Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you!

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Congratulations and hopefully that Achilles heals soon. Like IannodaTruffe says, don’t rush it, the ankle in general is complicated and compounding on injury there is not going to end well, and the Achilles is particularly vulnerable. Hopefully you won’t be out soon and can get on with consolidation. Celebrate the achievement, you earned it.

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Sorry about the injury - hope you’re well again soon. But thrilled to bits by your graduation. Well done you 🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️

I did the same thing last week following completion of a 5 k Park Run. I am taking a couple of weeks off from my training programme and am now slowly building up again. I have been advised to do Achilles stretching exercises both before and after any runs. In fact the stretching exercises for not just Achilles are really important - more so for me as I am in my 60's. Experienced runners are always telling me to "listen to my body" - if your Achilles is starting to get sore, ease up and concentrate on exercises and stretches and then slowly build up again. Good luck.

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Achilles is a slow healer and can become a real nuisance if not looked after properly. Mine got ok relatively quickly and l only had to shorten my runs rather than rest them altogether but l do daily stretching as recommended by my physio to keep it in check. Whatever you do, however, you don’t run through pain and you don’t cover the pain with painkillers thinking the problem will go away. I’d contact someone who makes a living out of it, a sports physio.

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