Week 1 Run 2 complete :)

Waited until the "warmest" part of the day (mid afternoon) before setting off, and managed it ok :)

Main problem was with the podcast - it decided not start start at the beginning!! Fortunately I managed to find the start of the second run, walked to roughly where I started running last time and played from there - managing to find an extra 90 second walk/60 second run mid podcast once Laura said I had finished to ensure I actually did the correct number of runs. Grr. Have now deleted everything from my ipod and put the podcast on again, so hopefully next time it will work fine!

Tomorrow - off to Decathlon to get some clothes for when it gets colder!!

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  • New running gear = ๐Ÿ˜!!!!!! I have a jacket I never wore because even though I ran through last winter, once I got running for longer, I kept myself pretty warm! The most I needed was a long sleeved top with a short sleeved top over that. I greatly appreciated running socks (wear this all the time now), gloves, running hat and a neck warmer (which I can pull up over my ears and nose or mouth. For my birthday, bought a headtorch this year - so much fun running in the mornings when is dark and so peaceful!!

  • Got this lovely image of you all snugged up. running through the dark with your headtorch lighting up everything around you :)

  • I think if my hands and neck are cosy, I feel comfortable. Running in the dark is way too much fun, I have a fantastic headtorch and it only cost twenty quid and it is rechargeable. Love all my running gear LOL (second childhood)!!

  • I have to have a warm head :) Maybe to keep what little brains I have warm... I love my gear too, I got my slightly warmer buffs out and have put them at the top of the pile in my drawer.. sad eh?

    I never thought i would love the stuff so much, either ... I have been perusing the sales on some running gear sites, ready to stock up for next year! :)

  • Me too! My running gloves are ok but would like something better, might get a flipbelt instead of my running belt, maybe a new hat ๐Ÿ˜

  • It goes on...oooh just such fun๐Ÿ™‚

  • Very well done..,despite technical hitches, you are on the way...:)

    I have a winter wear jacket, which I wore this time last year,, very light and very comfy... Like JoolieB1 I am still in my short sleeved tee or if a tad chilly some mornings, long sleeved tee, with a short sleeved over the top currently.. plus my funky leggings...:)

  • I don't have any funky leggings - might look for some!

  • Oh yes.. there are some really great ones.. i love to make folk stare! :)

  • Now I have some very interesting ideas for my shopping tomorrow!!! :)

  • You go for it!

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