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Week 9, Run 1 - life took over this week

Today should have been my second run of week 9 but life took over a little bit this week so today was the first chance I've had to get out and run. I was little apprehensive as it's been almost a week since I last ran.

One thing I'm finding since on the longer runs is that I'm actually slowing down my pace in order to complete each run, which is slightly frustrating! Nevertheless, I did complete today's run :-) I met my usual gremlins in the same place as always but managed to kick them to one side and push on.

My next run will be on Sunday and I'm planning to change my route to try and ensure that I end up closer to home by the end of the run (which should make week day running easier to plan, as the longer runs have meant I've been rushing into work!)

Happy running everyone :-)

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eh up virtual running partner!!!! :-)

Glad you managed to get back into it & well done on the 30 mins - one thing I was happy about was that after a "week off" (calf strain) - I hadn't "lost it" & was able to pick up where I left off.

I tried to up my pace for my first attempt at my Graduation run - and suffered for it!!

I think getting the 30 mins (regardless of pace) under your belt is an important barrier to get across - the extra pace / extra distance is then something I can work on.

Good luck with the rest of Wk9 - cheering you on from afar!!!



Well done on getting to W9!! and for sticking with it however life gets in the way. I've had nearly 4 weeks off and have only just got back and I too was surprised I could carry on where I left off. Like my pace is slower than I would like but I don't intend to push until I finish the whole programme, then I can work on pace. Good luck for Sunday.


You are doing well Clare! Despite setbacks and life and gremlins trying to get in your way you are soldiering on and will soon be at the finish line! As everyone says time and time again here, its not the speed that matters at this point in your journey as that can be worked on post graduation and can be the first goal to set yourself.

Enjoy your run on Sunday! Sue x


I had the same frustrations coming up to the end of the programme, life and work just kept getting in the way, but it is really worth persevering so well done you.

I realised quite early on that I wasn't going to hit the 5k so I have concentrated on getting to the 30 minutes and now that I have graduated my goal is to start working towards the 5k, although I think it is a goal that is going to keep me out of mischief for a while ;-)

Keep running and you will soon be getting your lovely shiny graduation badge :-)


WELL LOOK AT YOU! Only 2 more runs!!!!!! :-) My pace slowed, but it is more important to concentrate on the time as you build your stamina. Adding speed and distance can come after graduation, once those dratted gremlins are gone for good! Im setting out the party hats and getting the balloons filled for the celebration! Waiting anxiously for your grad blog!!! :-) Gayle


Fantastic, Clare!! Only two more runs and you will be sporting one of those coveted badges!!

As so many others have said, time and distance are both wonderful goals as you continue to run, so there is no need to fuss over them now!! Concentrate on those next two runs and the 30 minutes that you need for each of them!!

You are doing brilliantly...Keep Running!! :-)



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