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Week 1 finished: walking hurts more than running!

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Wondering if anyone else found this. I just finished Wk1Run3 - it was the shortest of my three runs this week (3.58km, 3.72km, 3.42km) and I found the pain in my calves during the 90 second walking intervals quite high. This pain eased off during the 60 second running intervals. Slowed me down; particularly through the walking intervals.

Not sure if running in 28 degree heat at 9am had anything to do with it. (I'm in Australia.) I hydrated before the run. (Two big glass water and a cuppa tea).

I'm also doing the NHS strength/flexibility program on alternate days (run: M-W-F; flex: T-T-S) with Sunday a day off. Anyone else doing this?

Cheers, ears


PS: Love Laura but really can't stand the muzak. It makes Coldplay seem bearable!

5 Replies

Well done you for running in that heat - I don't think I'd manage that! I can't say I've found walking harder than running overall, but I did have one session, where I'd really pushed the running, where my calves did feel very tight for a while when I started walking again.

I keep saying it, but maybe go slower for a bit? Go for distance instead of pace, and you'll probably end up fitter faster.


You lucky lucky thing! Here we are in poor old blighty, a bit of sun would be useful.

I suspect the calf pain will ease. It may be that you are just getting back into exercise and the muscles are just a bit surprised. Go and have a lie down in the sun, the heat should help.

Eating bananas is supposed to help muscle pain too, come to think of it.

Good luck!


You sound like my husband, smhall! He still hates to walk and says it is harder on him then running. He had calf pain as well, just starting out. As you condition your body, the pain will ease up. Welcome to week 2! ;-) I envy the heat your having! We had several inches of snow/ice here in the States. Gayle


NOTHING makes Coldplay bearable!


Quite right couchcabbage!

IT seems the running has inflamed latent arthritis in my left foot and I can barely walk on it. (I've been getting acute arthritic attacks since I was 19) ... if it doesn't clear up by Monday, will have to take a week off and start all over again!


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