Dreading Week 3

My last "run" or should I say "shuffle" of Week 2 is on Thursday and I am due to start Week 3 on Sunday and I am dreading it. Considering I am over 50 and overweight and I haven't exercised for years (apart from walking) I have been surprised how well I have done so far with no aches and pains. However, I do find the breathing hard and I find it impossible to concentrate on breathing properly and getting my legs moving at the same time! I can just about manage the 90 seconds of slow jogging but I think I am going to really struggle with 3 minutes. How has everyone else coped with Week 3? Any helpful tips will be gratefully accepted.


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12 Replies

  • My first run of week three was in a hotel gym on a treadmill - my first time running inside, I was nervous and dreading other people being there. There turned out to be one woman in there, who was cross-training when I arrived, and being a teeny gym (about 5 things in there), it was difficult to avoid attention!

    I was nervous because I didn't know what speed to run at for the three minutes, and with the plan taking away my recovery time more and more, I was scared to think that I'd be wheezing my way through the short runs while Bambi strode behind me without breaking a sweat.

    I set the cross trainer for quite slow (about 7km an hour - remember that we're aiming to run about 6mph in the long run!), and set off. It was slightly slower than my normal pace, which is something you have to get used to doing - the further you're running, the slower you need to start off - and I managed it easily (or the first one at least!)

    I had also been dying whilst completing the 90second runs, but somehow having the thought that you're doing fewer intervals means that you get half-way through the programme quicker than before!

    Just remember to go slow and if you feel like you've got the energy by the last run, then give it all you've got at that point, no point wasting your reserves at the beginning!

    Good luck, and don't worry. Trust the program, and you can always give yourself an extra rest day if you're suffering afterwards (physically - you'll be boosted mentally!)

  • Thanks for your support.

    I have only done two runs on a treadmill, conveniently located in the garage so no observers, and I found that harder than on the road my calves were aching jogging when they dont on the road but they do feel like lead balloons!

    My initial problem with jogging outside on my own was the breathing and people thinking I was on my last legs as my face goes the colour of a post box. But I did my first run outside alone on Tuesday and it was fine I passed other joggers and bikers who acknowledge with a wave. I was just rather embarressed to be gasping for breath but then everyone has to start somewhere.

    I do try to keep it slow but it is hard isnt it your legs tend to run away with you! My hubby has been with me for the start of the first two weeks and has been a great support with his encouragement, but unfortunately wont be able to be with me for the start of Week 3. But I shall take your advice and try and take it slowly, are there any rules about carrying an oxygen tank with you! Good luck with your future runs and watch this space for news of how I got on.

  • Hi Sanz, I was exactly the same, dreading each new run and telling myself that I couldn't do it. I am now on week 7 and did my second run of the week at 5.30 this morning! That's madness I know but I really enjoyed it and I have to go to Slimming World at 5.30 tonight and I'm working nights so had to fit my run in as well. You will be ok if you trust your abilities and follow the programme. I found it so hard to breathe and always had heavy legs but now I hardly even think about my breathing, but still have aching legs. I have started going to a Bootcamp as well so that could account for my poorly legs! Don't try and go too fast, just pace yourself and before you know it you'll be on here blogging about how well week 3 is going. You can do this! By the way I am at target weight and like to go to Slimming world as often as I can to keep a check on my weight but also for the social side of it. The only exercise I did before C25k was walking the dog and I am 56 years old. If I can do it anyone can. Good luck xxx

  • Now that is dedication to getting fit 5.30 am, mind you not such a bad idea either and it would be cooler and less people around . . . nope still not convinced, you brave woman.

    I find it hard to breath too and find my legs are like lead balloons when I am jogging but luckily I havent been in pain at all afterwards whether this is because I havent gone fast enough or a good pair of trainers I'm not sure I just hope it stays this way. Isnt it funny how long 90 seconds can feel when you have to jog it! I dont look at my watch at all but just do a staggered jog knowing that the end cant be far off and just praying Laura will say slow down now asap.

    Well done for getting to Week 7 I think you've done amazing and I cant at this present time imagine getting that far but I expect you felt the same.

    Thanks for your good wishes, keep your fingers crossed for me on Sunday.

  • Hi there! I have finished C25K and Iam 49 and overweight by about 4 stones :(

    It is a really special programme, because Laura just seems able to motivate us at the right time - ie just when you think you cant go any further! Iam still a plodder and 5k is definitely my limit at the moment. I probs only manage 5k once per week. I dont think I will be trying for 10K. You seem to be doing everything right. Just keep your pace slow to allow for your body to build up stamina as you go further.

    Good luck! :)

  • Well done on completing the programme. I am enjoying it so far as it is a challenge and something I never in this world dreamt I would or could do. Its just that leap from 90 second run to 3 minute run that is worrying me but I shall heed your advice and keep the pace slow, though my pace is never much faster than a stagger!

    Good luck with your future runs, you dont have to be up to olympic standard as long as you enjoy it and it keeps you fit.

  • Well done, you will be fine, take it from another 50 year old who was obese when she started this programme after avoiding running for 35 years!

    Keep up the good work, you will amaze yourself!

  • Many thanks for your support. I have amazed myself already by starting the programme if I get through W3R1 I will be ecstatic . . . watch this space.

  • HI, I totally understand that feeling of dread with week 3 but remember, you've already got this far! My advice is definitely to go slow, but Laura is great at distracting you then saying 'oh look, there's only a minute left' which made me laugh and keep going. I was elated after w3r1, it feels really good to get that 3mins under your belt. My w3r2 is tomorrow, eek. Good luck for Sunday! x

  • Hi hope your W3R2 went off ok. I've just done my W3R1 and am very pleased as it went well. I liked Laura's comment about "bobbing over the hedge" and kept thinking about that as I was going along. See you in W4 . . . it will be the marathon yet!

  • Phew! I did W4R1 last night and managed it...keep up the good work :)

  • Oh well done. How did you find the 5 min run? Did it feel like a big leap?

    Ive just completed my last run of W3 and did struggle on the last 3 minutes but I thought I would as I felt quiet tired before I even started the run. But, its behind me now. Still cant imagine running an extra 2 mins but then I couldnt imagine running for 3 mins so got to go for it.

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