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Was dreading week 3

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Well I was dreading week 3, practically had to force myself out of the door today but it was surprisingly ok. I forced myself to run slowly (not in my nature) and my breathing is still all over the place (more like a fish out of water) but surprisingly before I knew it the run had ended. It seemed far too short somehow both in terms of time (only 9 minutes of running and 15 of walking which includes the warm up) and in terms of distance, although I suspect the enforced slow running was probably responsible for that. Anyway all in all not too bad, I am of course now dreading next week’s ‘step up’ although looking ahead week 5 looks the most scary but I’m going to do this!

12 Replies
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Stay slow! Resist the urge to speed up! Slow and steady and you’ll finish well. If your breathing is ragged it’s because you are going too fast Slow down and you’ll feel better 🙂👍

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks, I’ll try but not sure I can go any slower, maybe I just have abnormal breathing-sigh

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Stay slow and steady... and fear nothing. Look back instead of forwards... you can run 3 times longer that you could two weeks ago, that’s great huh? You can do all of this. Relax, believe, run.

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks :)

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I’m at week 3 Next and dreading it. I think it’s my breathing that is the struggle!! My legs seem fine. Not sure how I am going to get through it!! 😐

Well done to you for doing it though, it also gives me hope.

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Honeybee99

We’re clearly in the same boat, I have strong legs but the whole breathing thing is a problem. I’ll post again and let you know if things improve and if I can do it so can you. Good luck

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Honeybee99Graduate in reply to AngryFlower

Thanks. It’s good to know I’m not the only one!! Will keep you posted how I do!

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I used to ‘look ahead’ and found it better not to. Psych yourself up for your run and just get the ‘surprise’ when you’re out there and ready to go. Then just say ‘I can do this’ because you can!😉

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to 59er

Yes it was a surprise when I came to the end, had expected more

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I’ve just done my W3R4, found it tough, I’m dreading W4, it’s the running for 5mins that scares me 😳

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Buddy71

I’m totally with you there but I keep reminding myself that I see all sorts of people different shapes and sizes running and they’re doing it regardless. I’ve been told that a huge part of running is your mental outlook do I think the answer is to keep telling yourself that you can do it

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Buddy71Graduate in reply to AngryFlower

Yep your so right, I need to start believing in myself, great tip thanks, 😊

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