Week 4 run 1

Okay, so I battled all day between running today or putting it off until tomorrow and the consequences that would have to my schedule etc... Finally decided I would do it today but late afternoon when it might be a bit cooler. Went upstairs to change then had a little sit down, fell asleep for an hour but woke up in kit with no excuse not to go so off I went. I didn't find it easy but I did it and am pleased I didn't allow the running devil on my shoulder to make me put it off until tomorrow - can now have a lie in before work and arrest day in what is to be the hottest day of the year! My knees are suffering but they were a little before I started the programme due to being over weight so I just hope this is doing them some good! Happy running everyone!!

4 Replies

  • I've managed to loose 2.5 stone in 8months it does get easier the fitter & healthier you get with good workout & good diet also. Keep going its Ashworth it.

  • That is absolutely fantastic to hear. Well done, Bendave. I think you've done brilliantly. It's also so encouraging to hear your progress! Thanks

  • Well done you for not letting that demon get to you! I did wk4R2 this morning with that demon on my shoulder the whole time! Enjoy the sunshine on your rest day now :-)

  • Same here with w4. Have done 2 of the runs and am wondering how on earth I will cope with w5! I am hoping that my faith in Laura and the programme will carry me through....

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