Couch to 5K

week 3 Run 1

I really didn't think I could run for three minutes, and I was hoping the rain wouldn't stop and then I could put it off until tomorrow. Then the sun came out and I really didn't have an excuse. Laura said no matter how tired you are it is very important that you don't stop, and she said it as if it was just true and so I didn't, but my calves were saying, we can't do this and I could feel every pound of my poor sugar coated flesh thumping up and down on my bones and I was trying not to do the bouncing over the hedge thing. Then suddenly it was time to walk again, and although walking had suddenly become as hard as running, I had done it - I had run for three minutes. Then when she told me to I did it again. Boy did I feel it today in my legs, but I felt good too. Run 2 tomorrow (as long as it doesn't rain :) ).

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I have just finished my last run for week 3 my next run is on Sunday and starting week 4, whilst I was was half way through my 3 min run today I was actually thinking to myself "I don't think I am ready to start week 4" but I am going to give it a go. I thought it would get easier by it didn't. I am going to give it a go.

Keep up the good work. Laura says it gets easier! ;)


Well done you, I had a naughty listen to week 4 and thought uh-oh! But for now I know I can do three minutes, I think it will get easier at some point (or not!) but starting week 4 sounds really proper and serious doesn't it? Good luck.


You did it, you thought you couldn't but you believed in it and did it. Well done you!

Running in the rain is quite a sensation though, maybe give it a try.

W3R2 will be over before you know it.


Thank you, I am really pleased. I really like the way Laura doesn't shout and isn't manic or anything, she just says this is what you need to do and you can do it. She's very calm and I sort of believe her.


Well done with your running - wk3, you can do it 'yah', each light jog brings you nearer to your shiny graduation badge!!!


Thank you, and well done to you. I am so inspired by all the stories and how hard everyone is trying. I am sleeping better and feel a little bit hopeful.


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