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Week 8 Run 1 - The pain!

After a lot of procrastination this morning, I finally embarked on Week 8 at about 12pm. I had a beer last night, so wasn't 100% sure that I was in top form, but thought that I'd give it a try as I hadn't run for a couple of days. Decided to mix my route up a bit too, adding in an extra field. All was well until a couple of minutes into my warm up walk when I started getting a bit of pain on the right side of my chest. I didn't want to stop before I had even started running, so I continued, hoping that the pain would go away. It didn't and after a few minutes of running slowly, I started to worry that this could be something heart-related. However, (prob rather foolishly) since I felt otherwise fine and the pain felt a bit like a pulled muscle, I carried on and finished the podcast. My speed wasn't great, but I kept plodding on. During the warm down walk, I got twinges in my back too (which I also don't normally get) so I may have been running strangely as a result of the other pain. Next time I think that I would be better off just stopping and trying the run another day to be on the safe side.

Despite the late start and the discomfort, I actually recovered much quicker today than after my last run, even though it was three minutes longer. The breeze and light rain meant that I didn't overheat so much. I still feel a bit tired, but not as though I actually need to go and lie down like I did after my last 25min effort. My chest hardly hurts at all now, but it isn't completely comfortable when I turn my torso so I will see how it feels tomorrow on my rest day before deciding whether or not to run on Monday.

On the bright side, Endomondo does say that I burnt 582 calories today and I wasn't chased by a single dog!

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Hi big_momma! Not been too good a day has it? I am very concerned about you. Do you think you should visit your GP and talk about the discomfort in your chest? Chest pain is not something you should just ignore. You say you recovered quicker than usual, which is good, but if they give you the once over you'll be confident that all is in order.

I hope you feel a lot better very soon. And no dogs chasing today! Good.


Thank you for your concern. I would honestly be more worried if it didn't occur only when I twist my shoulders (and still does). I feel really well too. As there is usually quite a wait for a non-urgent appointment with my GP, I will just see if it improves over the next few days, but if it doesn't and gets worse, then I will get an urgent appointment to be checked out. I may have just slightly pulled a muscle carrying heavy bags of shopping plus my two year old yesterday.


If it is muscular it should improve quite soon. And lifting your two year old as well as the shopping can't have helped. Let us know how you are doing!


Yes I agree with Beek, you shouldn't ignore that kind of pain. keep us posted, I'm sure it's nothing, but better to get checked out.



If it gets any worse, or I feel unwell, or I feel any chest pain at all when I am not turning my torso, then I will definitely get myself looked at. If it hadn't been just on a particular movement then I would have been straight to the docs! Will post again on Monday when I will either attempt my next run, or have a sneaky extra recovery day! :)


Hi, I'm a newly qualified doctor, your pain sounds entirely musculoskeletal, however chest pain in general definitely warrants an urgent GP appointment if you're concerned it could be heart related, just an ECG they do at the practice would put your mind at ease (if the GP thinks it necessary).


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