How many calories am I burning?

So I started running to up the weight loss. I've lost 4 stone in a year and one day it just stopped, which is why I am running.

However... (I'm starting week 3 tonight), the last two weeks I've put on weight! Not much, just a pound but I can't believe it.

I've thought about it - and I am eating 'bad things' now, because I think I can because i am exercising. So that has to stop!

But does anyone know - what sort of calories I would be burning doing the week 3 run? :)


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  • Hello,

    Firstly congrats on your weight loss so far. Not really sure how many calories you are burning but I understand that it likely to be more in the earlier weeks of the programe. I sue the nike sportband and in weeks 5-6 I was burning upto 400 calories. All depends on weight and intensity I suppose.

  • Well done on your weight loss, that's very good going.

    I think the general 'rule of thumb' is that you burn around 100 calories per mile. Obviously it will vary depending on height weight fitness level etc but that is the figure I work to.

    Good luck with the run later :)

  • That was spooky we must have been typing almost same response at the same time lol

  • lol :D

  • Depending on the distance covered but a general rule of thumb is you burn approximately 100cal for every mile travelled, regardless of speed.

  • This morning on my 5k run, I burned 748 cals. Height, weight, distance, pace, inclines, all play a part in the 'science' of calorie burning.

    I, at 24.5 stone burned the same amount of calories as my mate who ran 5 miles at 14 stone.

    I'm sure somewhere online (try google) will give you an around-about answer of how you can calculate this for yourself if you wanted to!

  • Well done on the weight loss. Have a look at to help give you an idea of how many calories you are taking in and how many you are using. It is proving to be a good tool for me. :)

  • running uses up about the same amount of calories as walking the same distance but as you go further into the programme you will begin to build muscle and that is hungry tissue and will use more calories. However, if you are drinking anyhting other than water and taking eating recovery snacks you will probably be taking in more calories than you are using. Most of us can manage to do 30 minutes exercise from our reserves! :)

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Don't forget that doing exercise ups the amount of energy you use when you aren't exercising too.

  • As blueboots said, (mfp) is great for giving you an idea of how many calories you have burned exercising. It's also a brilliant tool for helping you eat a healthy, calorie controlled diet, as it has the calories for thousands of foods there at the touch of your keyboard.

    I lost 4lbs in each of the first two weeks of c25k (ie. 8lbs total) by taking up running and using mfp to watch what I was eating. I didn't lose or gain anything in week 3, but I had eaten more on a couple of occasions, so now I'm being stricter with myself, as I still have around 5 stone to lose. Good luck. Keep on running! ;)

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