Oh my how unfit am I

Decided to do couch to 5k because I need to get fit. I’m always been afraid of exercise and in denial of how unfit I am. I’ve recently lost over a stone through dieting but still need to lose at least another stone and a half. I’ve always been quite overweight and unfit. I went for run1 of week 1 yesterday, I was so scared before I went and it about killed me, I use the excuse that it was extremely hot and the park I went to had just cut the grass so my hay fever was playing up. I went to a local park, that I don’t know that well and ended up running up hill on awkward tracks when the 60sec of running – timed it bad. All these are really excuses because I am horrendously out of shape I couldn’t even run the 2nd to last run, I walked it and that extra walk meant I could slow jog for the last run and I didn’t stop and give up although I was soo tempted to lie down/collapse in a heap. I hope it gets easier as I go on because I really struggled, bit worried I won’t complete the course if it’s so hard for week 1, I know I need to have a day in between so week 1 might be a bit more than a week because I’m on night shifts over the weekend and barely find time to eat and sleep on nights let alone running. Although I found it hard I did like the structure of the music, it wasn’t the irritating “dush-dush-dush” dance fitness music I was expecting.

Nervous but motivated for week 1 run 2 in a day or 2.



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  • welcome and well done! lots of people find the first run hard, so congratulations on deciding to keep it up! The park is a good place to run, but find a flatter route next time if you can and slow down. It's not about speed, more about building stamina and the brisk walking parts will help as much as the run. Walk fast enough to be just less than a trot and then run just a little bit faster- and keep blogging, we're all cheering you on :)

  • Thank you, its great to have such positive comments so soon :-) It seems that the blogs will be very helpful for my motivation. Congratulations on graduating the c25k did you find it OK once you got into it? xxx

  • The hardest bit is behind you: getting started! The programme is so cleverly structured that you will be building stamina and fitness bit by bit - you will see yourself how you will progress through the weeks and then one day realise how much you have progressed. For me the greatest gain was the realisation that I had it in me to keep going week after week without through the towel in.

  • sorry "throwing" not through (where's my head?!!)

  • Think you're being too hard on yourself, good on you and you did have obstacles not excuses! The main thing is you got off the couch and you're going for it again, good luck, don't think you need it though! :)

  • It does get easier, don't worry - I've done the programme working nights as well, which means I had quite a few extra enforced rest days due to being at work, but they won't do you any harm, so don't worry about that bit!

  • You got your badge....congrats and well done! :)

  • Thank you! Yes, I keep polishing it - can you tell?

  • Well done Leila, you sound like you're doing just fine! Keep it up!

  • Welcome on board and good on you! We've all been there, that first run is the hardest (says she only a week ahead of you!) you, we, all of us will make it. Just keep on running!

  • well done. i'm repeating wk 1 because i had a friend who wanted to start just as i finished it, i found that wk1 r1 killed me but r2 was so much easier. each run after has been harder than i'd like but easier than i expect. good for you :-)

  • Welcome, you should find the second run slightly easier, dont worry about your speed keep it nice and slow you can do this :)

  • Hi Leila, I'm pretty much going to repeat what some other bloggers have said, which is that the hardest part of the programme is starting it in the first place. I've just finished week 5, which seemed impossible when I looked at it at the start of the programme, but it's made me realise that the biggest challenge with the programme is in your head! I've found that chanting 'I can do this' repeatedly when the going gets tough is the secret to finishing an extra-hard run. I'll look forward to hearing about your progress :)

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