Am I improving?

I've just finished week 5 run 3 and just need a bit of reassurance. I've been logging all my runs out of interest really and I can see that although I'm running for longer periods of time, I could barely do 1 min at beginning so was v happy to do 20 minutes, my average pace and distance has not really improved since I started. This is because every time the length of run increases I have to run a little slower and then my walking is a bit slower as it takes a bit longer to recover. Is this normal? What should I expect? Also I'm not covering the suggested distances for the c25k in the running parts?


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6 Replies

  • Perfectly normal Pink , dont worry !

    Dont worry about your speed and pace at this stage, its not a problem at all. As long as youre doing the running bits and walking bits when Laura says, its fine honestly.

    You can work on your pace and speed once you complete , thats if you want to of course .

    We are all still new runners and running too fast at this stage can cause injuries . Just keep doing what youre doing , its got you this far

    Keep going, youre doing great, you really are !

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • You are doing everything just right. Slowing down to cope with longer duration is best practice. Keep it up. You know you could barely do a minutes running at the start and now you are doing twenty minutes, so there is the answer to your question.

    Where have you read about suggested distances to cover in C25k? This programme is about building your stamina, not speed or distance. People doing C25k start at all ages, all physical abilities and with totally different physical bases, so do not compare yourself to others, just rejoice in the progress that YOU are making. You will reap countless health benefits from learning to run and you will never look back.

    It appears that very few people actually manage to run 5k in 30 minutes by the end of the programme, but they are still proud graduates who have changed their lives for ever, happier and healthier. So fear not and keep doing what you are doing. Well done YOU.

  • Little to add to what Poppy and IT have said, but yes, you are improving. Running is as much a mental challenge as physical, and you're learning persistance and the ability to manage your pace according to the situation.

    Well done, and keep it up!

  • You can run for 20 minutes - that's a massive improvement! Well done you.

    What suggested distances as IannodaTruffle asked? I still can't run 5km in 30 minutes and may never manage it.

  • You have just finished W5R3, and run continuously for 20 minutes. 5 weeks ago you were running 60 seconds intervals. You have made astonishing progress. In a few more weeks you will be running for 30 minutes, and once you can do that, the world is your oyster. You can choose to work on running faster, or further or faster and further, or neither, just running for however long you feel like whenever you want, for the sheer fun of it, because you can. There are no suggested distances. 30 minutes running is always 30 minutes running. You are doing great.

  • Totally normal! Week 5 is challenging and so adjusting your pace lets you successfully complete the run. On week 7 I thought I would not be able to run for 5k but gave it a try and kept running for 43 minutes! I don't recommend this but it goes to show that even slow and steady will take u to 5K if u keep going.

    You still have some increases in run times, so keep going as you are. Now I am graduated, I can run for 30 minutes and have done parkrun in 35 minutes and I used to joke about running more slowly than I walked. Keep going at a pace that gets u through the run. Well done, sounds like you are on track

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