It really is never too late - just completed C25K!

Sound the trumpets, ring the bells - I just finished C25K! It's hard to believe but true.

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Paris. Laura was her usual excellent company. Everyone is away on holiday it seems, and the streets are deserted, so I could reply to her when she spoke her encouraging words. I have to admit that at one point I called her Julie! When I got to the end I literally threw my arms up into the air.

I feel great and can't thank you all enough for being a huge part of my success. I feel we're all in this together and every time I felt discouraged or just plain lazy I looked at your blogs and got back the enthusiasm to carry on.

I hope you all enjoy every moment of C25K - it goes by so quickly. All you at the beginning who are struggling or unsure, be certain of one thing - you will succeed! You can't see it now, but in a couple of months or less you will be a runner. I did it after 33 years of absolutely no sport, so can you. Above all, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Now where's that bacon sandwich?


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30 Replies

  • Well done! Enjoy the bacon buttie :)

  • Thanks, I certainly did and the bottle's in the fridge for tonight. Time to apply for the badge.

  • Woo! Well done you!! :D

    I'm so jealous! - I'd love to run in Paris lol :P

    Well graduate, enjoy your sandwich - well deserved ;)

  • Thanks Rosey, I'm actually in a suburb but I get good views and it still counts as France! We did it, didn't we? Now I just need my twin to finish too. She did w9r1 this morning after being held back by a bad summer cold. Never mind, she'll get there and then there's the excuse for another bottle!

    And now? Going for the 5k in 30 minutes. I've a fair few sessions to do before then though. How about you?

  • Fantastic! Should that be a bacon baguette?! Well done You! :D

  • Thanks hollyO, would never had found it so enjoyable without you and the gang. Vive C25K blogsite, vive Laura!

  • Congratulations, you'll be smiling all day I bet.

  • You bet right. Now your turn. Enjoy!

  • Tres bien ! :)

  • Merci, merci, je suis si heureuse. Bonne journée!

  • Woohoo! Congratulations! The bacon butty is well deserved! Have a celebratory party with the appropriate tune! ;-)

  • Wow tantrumbean, what a jolly song! I don't know if I'm more thrilled by finishing C25K or having found another song to run to!!! Honestly, I finished a 30 minute compilation to start using AL 'anno/afterLaura' and don't know if I might have to change it. Perhaps for the warm up? Ah, the French, bless 'em.

    Good luck to you, only a few runs to go and you too can have a bacon butty.

  • Congratulations! I'm sure you will have lots of ways to enjoy your success! If you keep running you can enjoy your bacon without guilt! Well done!

  • Merci. The bacon went down without a twinge of guilt, as will the bubbles tonight. Good luck to you too!

  • Congratulations. And Paris - soo jealous!!

  • Thank you - and yes, it is rather beautiful. However, that didn't stop me sitting on a French couch for 15 years .

  • Well done! Bacon butty is well deserved :)

  • Thanks so much, I appreciate all your support and the friendliness of this community. And to think 4 million have downloaded the podcast - what great news.

  • felicitations! Will you be out waving the flag for the Tour de France tomorrow? perhaps it will inspire you to a trathlon for your next challenge :)

  • Steady on! No, tomorrow I shall avoid the crowds and concentrate on my post-graduation heavy head perhaps! Next challenge is actually getting to 5k!

  • Bien Fait! Encore!

  • Merci, je suis ravie. Soooooo happy!

  • Well done, c'est fab! I have to confess to sitting here eating a bacon panini, but I have been for a run this morning, so I hope that makes it accpetable. ;) Actually, you've given me an idea. I haven't done French since school, and have been wanting to brush up my skills. Maybe I will get a language recording and listen to that when I run after graduating. Hopefully the brain actibity will distract me from thinking about the actual run. :)

  • like your thinking :)

  • What a good idea! I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I run to my own music selection for the first time. It's going to be weird without Laura though. Good luck with the programme - I'm sure you'll soon make it.

  • congratulations its a great feeling to know you did it.

  • Thanks glendam, I really appreciate all your support. Here we go for the 5k, starting tomorrow morning.

  • So pleased for you. I also managed to complete the final run today!!!! I have lovely family bar of whole nut to demolish (without the family!!) and a bottle of white chilling : )

  • Oh that's good news! Congratulations, we made it! Can you believe it? I hope you have a great celebration. From here on its down to us to keep running, keep being motivated, keep setting goals. Next aim is 5k right? Lets keep tabs on each other. Good running!

  • Great, well done! I'm sure there are plenty of lovely 5k routes around Paris for you to enjoy now. Have fun!

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