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W4r3 completed today and I really enjoyed it.

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I really enjoyed my run today it didn't feel so much of a battle and I am starting to feel I am making real progress. I can't wait for Friday to start week5, does this mean I've got the running bug? We're off to Majorca on Monday so I hope I will be able to continue with my runs if it isn't too warm. Good luck to all where ever you are in your running journey. Slow and steady and remember!! it's for YOU so enjoy the feeling of achievement however small for large it maybe. Take care.

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Great to hear you enjoyed your run Hidden - yes, you have got the bug. :) Enjoy the Majorca running :)

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Thank you I will do my best!!.

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Brilliant ! Well done Nanna and enjoy your holiday :-) xxx

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Thanks for your lovely reply.I will think of you on Monday evening when I'm drinking a glass of sangria. Take care lol. C

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Lovely , and I will raise my bucket of tea in return ! :-D xxx

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Yes, you've got the bug 😀 Have a lovely holiday and I hope it's not too hot to trot!

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Thank you I'll do my best tobenjy.ttfn

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Yes well and truly bitten !! Well done you're doing brilliantly! Have a fab time in Majorca x

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Good morning, thank you for your support,yesterday's run was the most positive so far the only thing I did different was to go a wee bit slower. I Have just got back from a short walk to fetch the newspaper, and thec'por owd knees' are happy this morning and not groaning as they usually do the day after a run. So, as they say "onwards and upwards" keep on running but slowly. AL the best to you where ever you are on your running journey. I will do my very best to have a great time in Majorca, after all it would be rude not to wouldn't it? Take care, lol C.

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IndizuluGraduate in reply to Hidden

Ah that's great to hear - love Majorca we usually go to Pollensa. Take care in the heat and have fun fun fun💃🏽

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Well done, enjoy your holiday, dont forget to make sure you are hydrated before during and after your run if it is warm/hot

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Thank you slow_rob for the very sound advice I promise I will be good. I'm looking forward to tomorrows run. Just off to the gym for an hour's cross training. If I can get a good WiFi signal I'll try to post my running progress. Take care,enjoy your running. lol,C.

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Enjoy your holiday. I found week 5 the most satisfying as it really seems to consolidate the progress made so far :)

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