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Never too late


For those who ask whether they can start C25K at 50, 60 or whatever age the individual considers is getting on a bit, take heart from the Bushy Park parkrun last Saturday, when a group of around fifteen over 80s came together for the occasion. Most of them had an affiliation with a running club, but there was at least one individual late starter (me). The fastest did the course in 28 1/2 minutes and a lady in the 85-89 range took a little over 46 minutes. My time was 43.20 minutes. I started C25K just over 2 years ago - I'm not sure why - and it has been transformative. Rignold might include a question about starting age in his list. The answer is that there is no limit - if you're fortunate enough to be able to walk, have a go.

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Brilliant to read, and I bet that was so good to get together, and yes Rignold will be interested to read this too regarding starting age... the moral is, there is no age!!!!


Austen, I'm 62 and graduated about the same time as you, and have done Bushy Parkrun a few times, a great place to run. My times go into the 40s best being 36.37, am not too bothered about pb's, just great to be able to get out and do it, I think about those who can't what with maybe long term illness or disability, but even disabled competitors astound me running on blades!...

I was talking to an 83 year old guy at Parkrun recently who has done over 300 PRs and was saying he now picks the courses that have less hills!😁

Austen304 in reply to davelinks

Very impressive, but my group boasted 538, 464, 395, 390 and 360 PRs among others. I trailed a little behind with 58.

davelinksGraduate in reply to Austen304

Amazing! looks like some have kept going since Parkrun first started. I hope to carry on like that...


Oh I really needed to read your post right now - as I am aiming to keep running FOREVER. I just want to know how these older lads and lasses avoid injury... brilliant

Austen304 in reply to Gillma

Experience, I suppose. They have probably suffered all the repairable injuries along the way. Most of them didn't carry a lot of weight, which could be helpful.


i have just read this post. i am due to finish c25k today. I am 60 and never run in my life. i ran a park run in week 7 by mistake (i was meant to be running/walking and just kept running). did it in 36.52 so was well chuffed. now want to get to sub 35 then sub 30. i feel great. aliens have taken over my body...

You are not short of ambition! Allegedly, I have a personal best in the 38-39 minute range, but I don't seem to be able to get back there nowadays. Maybe it is having another birthday that has done it. The main thing is to keep at it, not the time. 'You do it, that's what matters' - the constant theme of those who hear my complaints.

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well done you. yes i just want to keep doing it, but for me a lot of it is a mental game, so i need a goal, even if it's knocking 1 second off my last run. i will do that for park runs, and for my normal runs i want to really enjoy them, but will try to run a few steps more each 30 mins, at least once a week. if i don't do things like this, i may be tempt d to not go out!

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