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Running at 6.30 am before breakfast.. I don't know who I am any more!

Was up at 5 to drop eldest off for her school trip to France. Returned with 2 spare hours before youngest's school run, and with hubby still at home decided to do my run then (w8r3).

Was curious to know how much of a difference not having eaten or drunk much since the night before would make. Suprisingly it felt pretty good - I think I had slightly more energy than on the previous run.

By good, I mean manageable in parts - wouldn't want to imply I've nailed it without getting to the puffy, gaspy, puce-and-a-tad-dizzy stage by the end of the run, and I don't enjoy the first 5 minutes. But 28 minutes is now... well, doable. I even made myself run for an extra 30 seconds after Laura said I could stop.. for two reasons:

1) Just to prove I could so W9 feels a bit less DEFCON 2

2) just to double check Laura can't actually see me.

So, here we are. Next run is the first of my final 3 on couch to 5k. I can hardly believe I've got this far. Most of all, I can hardly believe I feel so differently about exercise. I put it down to getting hooked (not sure how that happens, but it does), my fab running buddy (who I've missed this week as we couldn't manage to get it together in the chaos that is the last week of term) and you lot here on the forum, who inspire and encourage beyond measure :)

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Wow, poulet....almost there! Had to lol at the DEFCON2....it does feel like that when we jump to the next "level", doesn't it? You're doing super, tho'...

I've shifted to running before I eat in the morning also...partly because of our extreme heat right now, but also because I like to tell myself that I'm "stoking the fire" of calorie burning efficiency. Sounds good, anyway.

Looking forward to seeing that shiny green badge beside your name....!


Well done, I like to run early morning as well, with just nature in the background and before mankind gets up. Less traffic just bird song, lovely jubbley. Hydrated but empty stomach and it definitely stokes the fire for later. Good running enjoy your next one. The finish line is nearly in sight.


Well done with your early morning run. Not long to go now!


Ok, I'm thick what is DEFCON2?!


It's a reference to extreme military maneuvers.


you weren't alone on that happyharris :)


Lol, doing extra time to check if Laura was there or not, brilliant. I must admit you do get the impression that she's watching you - closely!!

I really enjoyed week 9 cos like you I had kept going a bit more on week 8 just because I could and it made week 9 more enjoyable. If you have a favourite route save it for the final one that way you will really enjoy it. All the best, well done. ;)


I'm still being careful with my diet and so I don't have the energy to do what I know I can if i haven't had breakie. I suspect this'll make less of a difference when I'm not eating less calories than I need to maintain my weight.

There's a lot to be said for running either early or late. I prefer it cooler and quieter.


Know what you mean about the chaos of the last week of term. I've only been running twice in the last 8 days and am feeling quite frustrated about it. Well done you for getting out so early! Still tomorrow is the last day of term and we all feel ready for a break! Hope to get the running back on track as going to visit rellies so will have a week of free babysitting - yay ;-)


Sorry happyharris and Mrstickle :) Defcon levels: defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is an alert posture used by the United States Armed Forces - a scale of 1-5 with 5 being low and 1 being highest alert (nuclear war imminent sort of thing). Gets said a lot in tense military situations in American action movies!

Go for it Pingle with the babysitting cover! Yes, we're all getting VERY end of termy here.


going to use that on the calendar to mark significant periods of our schedule here ;)


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