Running before breakfast - advice please

It's hard for me to fit the running into my week. Some days the best time to do it is first thing. Any advice on what to eat/drink before. Don't think it's sensible to run immediately after breakfast, so what's the best way to make sure I don't run out of energy before I get home? I've tried a small bowl of cereal or a sports drink and that seems to be OK. But now I'm in week 4 the runs are getting longer so I probably need to be more careful to do the right thing from now on.


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  • To be honest, I regularly run without eating anything before. I do make sure I've had a glass of water Or a cup of fruit tea first though.

    As long as I eat soon afterwards I'm fine.

  • I always have porridge and a banana

  • I have always run early mornings, before cup of tea and two digestive biscuits ( guilty bad habit). about 40 mins before I run.. one drink of water just before I leave and that is it :)

    Then shower and eat afterwards when home:)

  • For some reason the milk in cereal gives me a stitch if I have it before a run , I just have a couple of bananas instead

  • I prefer not eating for a few hours before, otherwise I dont seem to have the energy to do it

  • Time is the enemy of us all. When life gets super busy and work gets in the way! Grr! I choose to get up early and run. I always have so e water before I go out to hydrate myself but I tend to run before eating. As someone who loves food, this motivates me too, so I run before breakfast most times, works for me

  • Eat a sensible amount the day before and hydrate well the day before. that way you will be both fuelled and watered for at least an hour of exercise in the morning.

  • I find that running on an empty stomach (but hydrated) does me just fine. I don't think that any of the runs in the programme use enough calories that you need to fuel up beforehand.

  • When I do parkrun (where the run starts at 9am), I set my alarm for 6.50 in the morning as for me I like to eat a banana 2 hours before my run. Personally I find if I eat anything within an hour of running I get a stitch. If you find cereal is alright for you before a run, then maybe you don't need a full 2 hours! But I highly recommend a banana, nice and easy to eat and really good for running. I normally have one immediately after I run too, either that or a breakfast! Experiment with timings. Good luck!

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