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Well...unbelievably.. I did it!

Not a lot of style, a tad lacking in fact.... more like a small grey snail..BUT..I did it!

Can hardly believe that I managed the 20 minute run.. last run of Week 5!

I found the first ten minutes to seem the longest... after that, I just focussed on, (as Laura says) one foot in front of the other.

Could not resist a small whoop of jubilation as I finished.. much to the surprise of several school children who were waiting for their school bus in the lane!!

Thanks everyone for the messages of support and the helpful tips.. they really, really helped.:)

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Congratulations! It truly is quite the moment for a lot of us and I so wish I could bottle that feeling! But it's the memory of it that'll keep you going through those tough ones and heading out in all sorts of crazy weather :-D


Very well done enjoy the 'high', that run is truly a turning point in the whole plan. We all remember how it felt and I am always jealous when people post to say how thrilled they are to complete it !! :)


Who needs style and grace...! Well done, it's a real buzz isn't it?

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That's a great feeling isn't it - I think I gave a small whoop too - just as well all the other gym users seem to wear headphones :)


Aw Well done Floss !

Slow and steady , thats the way !

Good Luck for the rest of the programme .

Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx


Well done! That's the way!

It's not so much harder after all, is it - just keep your pace slow and gentle and you'll continue to cruise the course.

And grace is over-rated anyway! Go for the staggering and whooping - it's what I do!



Well done. Some people struggle around week 5/6 but you sound like you're doing great. Any time I find it hard going I always remember to keep puttting one foot in frontof the other and don't stop! I allow myself to slow down but no stopping as I fear I won't get going again. Keep it up, you'll be running 30 mins in no time and will be so proud of yourself :-)


YAYYY! Great feeling isn't it!?! Well done you- now you are almost there- no really, you have conquered the biggest step :)


Thanks!!!! it is a very good feeling!... Week 6 Run 1 tomorrow..!


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