So guys, I did the big one today and it went so so well. Genuinely kept on going for an extra two minutes after Laura said to stop but then it started to rain and I wanted to get inside haha. Just wanna thank you all for your amazing support and positive thoughts and great advice that got me through. Such a good feeling! Anyone who's scared, just go slow and believe. On w1r1 I skipped one of the runs because I could hardly walk. Less than a month later and I can run for 20 minutes. This programme is the best. Onwards to graduation!


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  • Hi Katy. We all knew you'd do it. Congratulations. Some great things ahead of you now.

  • Thanks Rob! Super excited :-)

  • Well done! Amazing achievement x

  • Thank you Katie! :D

  • That's fantastic, well done! It is an amazing programme, but at the end of the day it's you that has done it! It gets better and better too x :-)

  • Thank you! :-)

  • Fantastic Katy. Well done!

  • Thank you Angie :-)

  • Well done Katie

  • Thank you :)

  • Well that's just FABULOUS,

  • Fabulous in all caps is definitely how I feel! Thank youuuuuu

  • Well done Katie ! Great work !

  • Thank you henpen!

  • You are into the second half of the programme now Katie!!! On the home straight. Great to hear it is working for you as it has done on for so many of us. Congratulations and good luck.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you so much :-) excited to see where I can go from here

  • really well done katy :D you did it you went out and ran it ,just like we did .. such a great achievement :) enjoy the joy of doing it, well deserved :D

  • Thank you Rob!

  • the running world is your lobster after C25K Kate :D enjoy your remaining runs and beyond

  • Fabulous stuff Katy! A day's rest and then the start of week 6. Just take that one slowly too!

  • Thank you irishprincess! Have seen various posts on w6r1 and how it slips people up so I'll try to keep it chill haha x

  • Brilliant news - well done you!

  • thank you!!

  • Its a stunning feeling isn't - very well done. I have to say I completely agree with the wk 1 feeling - I still maintain that first 1min run was the hardest! Remember now to stick to the programme - don't do more than Laura says!

  • Oh just thinking of the first one physically pains my legs hahaha, we've all come so far since that one!

  • I've followed you Katy and picked up on all the good advice. Just done W5r3 today and it was fine! Given the idea that speed wasn't the key perhaps I took it too easy - but I really appreciate that I'm building exercise successfully and consistently into my life. About time I learned that - age 62+ ! Knowing that this was about mental attitude I deliberately plastered a smile on my face too and that felt good :)

    Looking forward to progressing, and one day using my own choice of music. Or - I love Laura's little chats and they are wonderfully distracting but I wonder if I could run listening to talk podcasts. Does anyone do that?

  • Hiya CS :-) I definitely started slower than usual on w5r3 and it really helped... at the minute it's stamina not distance/speed so I try not to worry about how slow it seems I'm going compared to others! I use the app so I listen to my own music and I think Laura might talk less? I'm not sure. I'm sure talking podcasts/audiobooks would be great to run to!

  • Yes, people do listen to talk podcasts - some people learn new things - like languages or general knowledge things - so it doesn't always have to be Laura. I find Laura fantastic - but I have just given her up on wk6, r3 as I was excited about getting my own music. I panic-ed at the last minute and thought, No, I can't do this without her - but I did, and I did succeed. Its quite fun. But wait 'til you get to those long runs - and I found week 6 tough - lots of people say that too - but then others are OK - something to do with the euphoria / relief of that dreaded r3, wk5 run I think. Its not been easy since then - but I haven't failed so far - its just tough. Last run of wk 7 tomorrow. Good luck both of you.

  • That's really interesting Buffy. I guess with the straight runs -not intervals - I could branch out. Hm! Well done you. I wasnt nervous about wk 5 but it is looking like a different level now. Different in-flight entertainment (as someone else here described it) is definitely an option then.

  • Fantastic, you have done so well...brilliant post too :)

  • thank you juicyju! :-D

  • Whoop whoop! Fabulous! Well done you xx

  • Well done, I think you did so much better than me, your post is much more positive than mine :-P Good luck for the rest of your training :-)

  • See Katie? Piece of cake baby. Well done you!

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