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Week 5 Run 3 I actually succeeded :-)

I was dreading the jump from two 8 minute runs to one 20 minute run and didn't think I could possibly succeed. This run coincided with my Parkrun and I was really feeling it after the first 5 minutes and wondered how I would manage. However I am stubborn and was determined not to give in and couldn't believe that I got past the halfway point and was still running! When I finished the 20 minutes I started walking, but kept the pace up and after a couple of minutes realised Laura is right, you recover much quicker and I was ready to run again. I just kept setting myself targets, but not overdoing it, and was amazed at how much I managed to run. I even took 32 seconds of my PB and felt so good. After W5R2 I thought I would be repeating Week 5, but after today's run I am ready for Week 6... bring it on :-)

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Excellent - you offer reassurance to those earlier on in the programme. Things change after week 5/6 as you know you can always to a bit more and once you work that out, you know you'll graduate. Well done. 😊🐢👣🏃🏿


Thank you. I do think the support of those on this forum really does help :-)


Very very well done. W5r3 is the best run in the whole programme. Now you know you can run for 20 minutes it won't be long before you can run for 30 minutes :)


Thank you. I think you are right, as much as it the most terrifying, once completed we realise we can really can do this :-)

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I also achieved the W5R3 this morning. I was dreading it too. I also felt that I recovered a lot quicker than I expected. It's a great feeling isn't it!

And amazing how different things can motivate us. I was starting to blow a bit with about 2 or 3 minutes left and along came my neighbour walking her dog......I couldn't let myself stop while a neighbour was watching!

Best wishes with your next run!


Well done to you too. I did smile at you not being able to stop due to your neighbour watching, the would be me too :-)

Good luck for your next run too.


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