Week 1 Day 2 - Not too hard

Started C25K yesterday, and I am loving it. I might just get on the running machine for half an hour every day! Even though it's day 2 I decided to push myself, and I managed to keep a sustained effort going for 8 minutes. I've always wanted to get into running, and this seems like a great opportunity for my to do so. We have a competition at school every year, on sports day called the iron man, which is 7 miles of cycling and 3 miles of running. I hope that by starting my training now I can do well this year - maybe even win!!

A quick question - is it okay to skip on weeks - ie, I think that my fitness level is around week 3 to 4, and week 1 and two are far too easy. Can I skip on, and do like 5-7 minute runs interspersed with 1 minute walking breaks? I can't wait to graduate - and the feeling of being able to run for like 25 to 30 minutes seems great!!

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  • Personally, I'd go a bit easy on pushing ahead, I don't want to pick up an injury that holds me back. You might be a fit young thing that can start quicker, my daughter started at week 7 and then jumped straight to week 9. The dog was a bit shocked to go out with me one day on week 7, then my daughter the next day on week 9. She's been asleep for hours!

  • Thanks for the advice. It's much appreciated!!

  • Yes I agree with Beckipeg, I think it's best to follow the programme and believe me, it will go fast enough and you'll be graduating before you know it!

    When I started my fitness levels were also around week 3, but I decided to start from week 1 and then I didn't find them difficult at all.

    Good luck! :)

  • I also have started on Wk1 although I could have managed Wk3 with no difficulty. Everyone is different but I'd say follow the plan if you can - or start on a higher week then follow it! Its designed to build strength and stamina in your muscles and cardio system - if you race ahead or alter it you're messing with something that's been proven to work without causing injury. Even if you start at Wk1 you'll be running the 3 miles in 9 weeks anyway :-)

  • When i first started running i just put on music and went for it. Unfortunately it knackered my shins and i didnt run again for about 3 years. I've started again at week 1 and the slow work up has really helped me find a technique that works for me and helped me sort out my breathing and my forefoot landing. x

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