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Just finished week 2!


I'm so proud of myself; I just finished week 2. Overall I think I found it slightly easier than week 1, but that's probably just because I learned how to pace myself and not exert all of my energy at once. The last running bit of run 3 I had the absolute worst stitch in my side; what causes those anyways?

Time to rest for a bit before starting week 3. W3 looks really daunting with the 3 minute runs!

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well done you great ferling hey!! keep going you can do this!! :)


I've just finished week 2 as well . About 30 mins ago ....!! Looking forward to Friday morning to see if I can do the 3 mins ..... 👍🏻 . Well done


Well done! Laura mentions stitch in week 4, advises deep breaths: push stomach out whilst breathing in, and water before the run. Good luck with W3


I used to get a stitch in the early weeks and this is aparently quite common. Something to do with your organs on the one side of your body always compressing on the same side when you run. I was advised to use an alternate breathing pattern, for example in for 2 steps out for 3 so that you land on a different foot each time you fully breath out. This really helped me.


Well done Texan xx great achievement...keep going! I had a great first run of w2 yesterday, actually looking forward to Friday


Great stuff, well done. I've got 1 more run in week 2 to do. Yeah the 3 minute runs is a big stepup. I'm still trying to get my pace right. Always set off to fast. Good luck with week 3.


Congrats on finishing week2!

I've just completed week 4 and I know when I looked at week 3 the first time and saw 3 minute runs I thought it would be too big a step up, but although it was hard it was doable and it was also a great feeling when you hear Laura say well done you've run for a full three minutes!

Keep going, you can do it!

And congrats again!!!!!


So proud of you.

Keep us all posted.


Well done you, and keep it up! Roll on week 3 eh? And hydration will go a long way to preventing stitches :-)

Well done. Way to go. You will get there. Have fun.


You can do it x

That's great

keep going Texan...you are doing great....


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